Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Friend Of Yours

from etsy seen at

can be found on by latchcollection for $50


similar "knock-off" (not quite as pretty)
found on for $4.80

Friendship bracelets have been all the rage recently, especially in the last couple of months. Ever since this #armparty revolution started I feel as though friendship bracelets are everywhere. I can picture myself now I'm in middle school organizer in hand, which back then was one of my most treasured possessions, spending hours making these bracelets with my friends.. We would sit literally for hours before school, in between classes, and after school threading bracelets together and making these bracelets that today can be found anywhere from as low as $4.80 on to as high as $100 and more. If only I would have stuck to my hobby, but of course with time either my hobby faded or i made new friends. Unfortunately, present day I can barely remember how I use to make the bracelets and would not even attempt do it because I know it would take a ridiculous amount of time. They also wouldn't be nearly as pretty the ones I am sharing with you all today. for $25.00

as seen here

next purchase

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Hunger Games


"We’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift for self-destruction." mockingjay

I do not remember the exact reason why I started reading the Hunger Games trilogy, but I do remember that once I did all I heard from friends was how much I was going to love the books and the characters, how hooked I was going to become, and how depressed I would be when I finished. I've never really been a fan of young-adult science-fiction fantasy, such as harry potter and twilight. Never read the books and never even felt a tiny urge to read them, I saw one of the twilight movies and that’s about it. So I began hunger games not sure if I was really going to get into it, or be bored and drop the series. I have to say I was completely blown away and the trilogy surpassed every single expectation I had. You begin reading Hunger Games and you are immediately thrown into the suffering and barely surviving world of district 12, the poorest of all the districts. Its the time of the annual reaping, the reaping is an annual event that takes place in every district before each Hunger Games. This is when the tributes of the upcoming Games are chosen. The tributes are one male and one female from each district ages 12 to 18. The second I finished the chapter about the reaping I knew I was not going to be able to put this book down until I finished, and for the most part I didn’t. The books are gruesome, sad, and violent, but genuine and a real story of what could be the consequences of war. I could not help but think throughout the series how kids in high school were reading these books? Yes, it’s that violent. It’s definitely nothing I would have read when I was in high school. I mean the books gave me nightmares; I can’t imagine the effect they would have had on me if I would have read them at 16. Behind the sadness, the violence, and the frustration you feel while reading about how the capital is making children kill each other for entertainment there’s a love story. Well a love triangle, and the beautiful story of Katniss. Katniss, the girl on fire, this 16 year old had to become the sole protector and provider for her family, basically raising her little sister by herself, while her mom was suffering through deep depression. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is a trilogy and every trilogy has its main star, it’s very obvious that star is Katniss. You have to know she is going to survive the 74th Annual Hunger Games before you even start reading the book. What you don’t know is everything else that is going to happen. Everything else this young girl is going to change for the rest of time, most of it without even meaning to. How her actions and her way of surviving are going to change the entire post-apocalyptic world that she lives in, known as Panem.

Katniss’s story really touched me and this is because it’s a story of survival. It is a story about fighting back against the all powerful, and the very wealthy, to make a better life yourself, and your family. Even if you are only a young adult and think you can’t better yourself, this character makes you realize that you can. The books in my opinion have been so successful because they revolve around themes that we can all familiarize with, from war, to loyalty, to love, to survival. It's a book that I think anyone of any age can relate to, from high school to adult. The first movie of three has already starting filming and is set to premiere March 23, 2012. For me personally this feels so far away. I completely fell in love with the characters of Katniss, Peeta, and even buttercup. I’ve been online trying to find a new book to start reading since last week and I just feel as though nothing is going to compare. This is the beauty of reading, and I know I will find another book and more characters to love. For now, at least I have the movies to look forward to, and please please please leave everything as it is in the books. I can’t express how disappointed I will be if that doesn’t happen.

"Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can't survive without." mockingjay

This Sunday the first very small clip of the Hunger Games was released and you can see it here for yourself (its very short! too short!):

I also frequently visit for all up to the moment upcoming news regarding the movies. It is where i found out what actors were casted, they also have possible official movie posters, and all the places you can check out interviews with the cast of  The Hunger Games.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Three Terrific Things

Happy Friday everyone! Has this week felt as long for everyone as it's felt for me? So Happy its over! Sometimes it really is the small things. These three things though small have me looking forward to the future and using them, especially since they are all big trends for fall! Which I'm still patiently waiting for...Fall? is that you? Enjoy your weekend, its the last one of the month so make it count!

I have been looking for affordable stackable rings for quite some time now. I saw these on shopbop and instantly fell in look with them. Mostly because they are in my "must have everything made that color" right now, rose gold. Then when i realized they were on sale at 50% off I did a little happy dance. I also love the angular edges of the three stacking rings. oh lala. These can be found here:


Shades of burnt oranges and blue teals are all I'm craving for fall nails. I guess I'm right on point because refinery29 seems to agree ( I will definitely be using one of these two colors this weekend when i get my weekly manicure, now if i can only decide which one it will be.

Burnt orange / pumpkin color jeans are my #1 must have item for fall. Ive been lusting after this color jean since the end of july and shared my feelings here: I was originally planning on waiting for the jbrand 811s to be re-stocked in their ever popular "terra cotta" color, but after purchasing the same style in "riviera blue" I decided that one of that style is enough (im just not in love with the fit, though i am in love with the "riviera blue" color). Luckily my bestest friend pre-ordered two pairs of the above pictured rag&bone jean, and i was able to try them on without ordering them online, and snag her extra pair (thank you friend). These Jeans fit AMAZING. but AMAZING! I've never owned rag&bone before but they are now a new favorite.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

All tied up

foley + corrina handbag. i.n.c. blouse. dkny vest. jbrand jeans. dolce vita booties. ray ban sunglasses.
This outfit makes me feel as if I can conquer any situation that is thrown at me. These Jbrand jeans are from last fall and though the style name is the same as this season's twill 811s they fit totally different, much more snug at the ankle, which i prefer. This season's fit is more like a trouser. I am still adjusting and a little annoyed they didnt fit just like last year's. I love combining old pieces with new like the blue dkny utilitarian vest I've had for years, with new jewelery.
On a cloudy rainy day like today this outfit keeps me warm and dry.

loehamnns find necklace
custom ring designed by my mom.
david yurman, tiffany & co, noir bracelets.
michelle watch.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best I Ever Had

Disclosure: This is Food Post!

One of the big reasons I decided to start writing a blog had alot to do with food, restaurants, and going out to eat. Two of the loves of my life, and what I spend the majority of my money on, are good food and fashion, with some travel. Though traveling is more something I save up and wait for, different from food and fashion which has a much quicker satisfaction rate. I do realize that recently I have been neglecting my foodie readers and have been focusing more on fashion and tv, so this is for you. Before this blog started and even more after I started writing, I would always get the same question over and over again from many different people that I know. What is your favorite restaurant in Miami? You have to understand this question is extremely hard for me to answer. There are so many different types of cuisines and settings I like to enjoy, from Indian to Italian, to French to classic American, from indoor intimate romantic seating, to a more hipster young crowd, to outside dinning. My response is mostly always the same, what type of food do you want to eat? Are you going on a date? Or are you going with a crowd of friends? Because I would never send someone on a date to the same restaurant that I would send someone who is planning a fun birthday dinner with 20 of his/her closest friends. I have many favorite restaurants in Miami such as Michi's, Michaels, Imlee, Cafe Vialetto, Nemo's, Pascal's on Ponce, Quattro, to more simple places that never disappoint like Scully's Tavern, New Chinatown, Mykonos, Whisk, and Greenstreet.

I have one restaurant that is probably number one on my all-time favorite restaurant list. It is most definitely a classic and there is not much originality behind it. I’m sure most people in Miami have eaten there and/or heard about it, and its a chain restaurant (which I normally hate, I am NOT a fan of chain restaurants). This place never disappoints and I absolutely love it, just goes to show you can never underestimate the goodness of a classic. This restaurant is Ruth's Chris Steak House in Coral Gables. For many years this has been a restaurant of celebration and happiness for myself and my family. I’ve had many special dinners here and it’s one of the few restaurants my whole family likes and can agree to eat at (some of us are more picky than others, but I wont mention names). There are an abundance of valuable and special memories at Ruth's Chris from a dinner with my mom when her company first started to become successful, to my grandmother’s birthday, my birthdays, and even one Christmas Eve dinner. Let me just mention that I am not a big steak eater; I hardly eat steak, ever. But for those few times a year when I crave a perfectly cooked steak the place I go to is Ruth's Chris.

What do I eat at Ruth's Chris? When it comes to the entree, sides, and wine it’s always the same thing Petit Filet medium, or the blackened lobster tail. I know you must think I am crazy for ordering lobster at a steak house but I promise you it is sooooooo good. My sides are always practically the same the shoestring fries are a must! Then I get a type of vegetable ranging from creamed spinach, to sautéed mushroom, to broccoli au gratin it really just depends what I am in the mood for at that moment. I always order the Mark West Pinot Noir, even though its highly marked up, its still one of my favorite pinot noirs (next to la crema) and at this point it is customary for us to order. The hardest decision for me while ordering is deciding what to get for appetizer, because honestly I love so many of their appetizers. It’s normally a toss up between the Ruth Chris chop salad, lobster bisque, barbeque shrimp, crabtini, and seared ahi tuna. Enough options? They are all truly so good in their own way it’s hard to pick just one but I eventually do. Then comes the grand finale: dessert!!! I am not normally a sweets person. I love everything and anything salty, and I hardly ever get dessert after dinner. Ruth's Chris of course is one of the few restaurants where I make the exception. This is my "if" I ever kill anyone and I'm on death row granted one last meal pick. The bread pudding with whiskey sauce is my ultimate weakness, my FAVORITE desert of all time of any restaurant that I have ever eaten at. And if I’m about to be executed the last thing I want to eat is this. There it is my favorite restaurant in Miami. Even that sentence makes me uncomfortable let me rephrase. There it is, ONE of my favorite restaurants in Miami, because there are many and i hope to continue sharing them with you.

If you are now in the mood from some steak, because i know i am, click here to see the full Ruth's Chris full menu and website:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


paige lou lou tulip jeans. f21 top. steven madden "wicked" wedges. louis vuitton purse.
 I needed to wear my white wide leg jeans one more time before summer is officially over and they get stored away until next year. Well maybe they will make some appearances during fall/winter here and there with chuncky sweaters, this is Miami after all, but for the most part they will be in storage. I obsessed over these jeans in the beginning of spring as seen here: Looking back i must say these were an excellent purchase. They came in handy all summer and I'm going to miss them. Please excuse my undone hair, i was late for dinner and in a hurry. As you can see i tried to make it better with a loose side ways braid, always a life saver.

mom's ring. henri bendel, david yurman, tory burch, & nordstrom bracelets.
michelle watch.

p.s.: special thank you to my mom who takes the majority of all my pictures, with alot of patience and direction we try to do the best we can :)

I am currently using a sony camera ( but desperatly on my wishlist is a nixon or canon slr.

Monday, August 22, 2011

"I'm a Huge Fan"

Friday was the release of the movie adaptation One Day, based on the book by the same title. I read the book a couple months ago and was a big fan. At the beginning of the month I entered a contest with sugar,inc. to win the opportunity to interview Anne Hathaway during press for the upcoming movie, One Day. I have always been a big fan of Anne’s, I found out she had gotten the lead to this movie while in the middle of the book, and I was so thrilled with the decision. Due to this, I decided to enter the contest on popsugar, while I was finishing the first round of trivia questions I honestly thought there was no way I would be contacted or even win. I just don’t have good luck when it comes to these things. Imagine my surprise when a couple weeks later I got contacted by a sugar,inc producer!!! I was a semi-finalist and was going to be interviewed LIVE on skype for the opportunity to meet and interview Anne. I didn’t know if to throw up or jump and down with excitement. I am notoriously shy about these things, and anything having to do with public speaking. I knew I had to suck it up and try to do the best I could in my interview for the opportunity of a life time. The LIVE skype interview started with some basic background and “tell me about yourself” questions, which was followed by yet even more trivia questions about Anne. I tried my best but these were some hard questions, even for me and I am obsessed with almost anything celebrity. Some of the questions were, What is the name of Anne's dog? What specific bureau of New York was Anne born in? Then came the really hard part, the I almost fell of my chair and quit hard part!!! I was asked to do some of Anne's favorite things live on Skype in front of popsugar producers and editors. These things were number 1, sing karaoke to any song of my choosing! Sing Karaoke!!! You don’t understand I have no rhythm, I don’t sing ever…Well maybe sometimes in my car with the windows down and the radio full blast. But no I don’t sing in the shower and you want to know why? Because I am a horrible terrible singer, but I did it. Yep, I sang Adele's rolling in deep, because at that moment it was the only song I could think of that I knew at least some of the words to. Then came probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life... I was asked to perform scenes from some of my favorite movies that starred Anne such as Princess Diaries, and the Devil wears Prada (which I said were my favorite movies of hers, because they are but that does not mean I can act out scenes from them, lol). I did it because honestly I had no other choice. When the interview was over I thought I had done a terrible job, mostly during the singing and acting parts, but I was filled with this adrenaline. I was overjoyed I had made it all the way to a semi finalist, and whether I was chosen or not, I was so happy I was just given the opportunity. It helped me deal with my shyness, break down my exterior, and open myself up.

The "I'm a huge fan" videos are now up on the website and I wanted to say a BIG congratulations to the winner Areeba! You did an amazing job, especially under all the pressure. She had to learn a Broadway show dance and song!!! You go Girl! Click on the link below to watch the first video of three. Pay close attention to the first couple of seconds you might be able to spot me - the blonde girl with the huge smile on her face :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fluttering Patchwork

anthropologie skirt, belt, and blouse. armani exchange aviators.
The month of August right before it's officially Fall can feel like the longest time of the year. The fall like colors in this outfit really make up for the long wait. The skirt is light and airy enough that you can wear it all month and not be hot. Paired with a silk sleeveless blouse and cinched together with a wide belt its dressed up but easy at the same time, which i love. This outfit was originally purchased for my birthday, though I've gotten lots of usage from the pieces together and separately.

henri bendel, N&K designs, david yurman bracelets.
michelle watch. mom's ring.
louis vuitton handbag. miu miu wedges.
chanel black pearl polish

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lush Life: Most Eligible Dallas

Do you remember when the only show on Bravo was Inside Actors Studio with James Lipton? Well, I do. Then came Queer Eye for the straight guy in 2003, followed by Project Runway in 2004, and by this time I was quickly becoming hooked on everything and anything Bravo. Fast forward to 2011 and Bravo IS the ultimate television network for guilty pleasure reality TV. Everything is so bad but so good at the same time I can not help but watch. Yes I watch all the housewives, even the horrible ones Miami & DC. Yes I watched NYC prep, and Miami Social. It’s just such an escape such an easy guilty pleasure I have to embrace it. Not to mention, watching REALLY crazy people on TV always makes you feel much better about yourself, and anything going on in one's own life.

Now Bravo has given us a brand spanking new edition from its endless supply of reality TV, Most Eligible Dallas. I am automatically always intrigued by a reality show whose cast is around the same age as me, for example Courtney who is 29 years old. There are six main cast members and they range in age from 23 to 36. I saw the premiere episode last night, and for me there were some positives and some negatives, so let’s start with the positives. I already know that Courtney is probably going to become unbearably annoying by the end of the season but for now I like her. She's 29, she loves fashion, she’s a self proclaimed slave to vanity, she wont settle for just any guy - her ideal mate needs to fill a list of requirements and she must get butterflies, she’s over going to the club but she will occasionally go for a glass of champagne, she’s conservative and strongly believes in tradition. Such as following the normal expectations of life order which she lists as bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, and baby. This Courtney sounds ALOT like someone I know - ME! I couldn’t help but agree with almost everything that she was speaking about and describing in the first episode. Now for Courtney's negatives please Courtney leave Matt alone, he sucks, he really seems like the ULTIMATE douche bag, don’t give him so much importance or care so much about every new girl he brings out. You know you are better than all of them, and if he doesn’t see it he is obviously not worth any of your stressing. We got to know a little about Tara, Drew, and Matt who are all filthy rich and work in the "family" business. Though they haven’t shown them working, Tara was shown saving dogs, Drew injecting himself with female pregnancy hormones to loose weight, and Matt trying to be the extreme ladies man. I wish I could come across Matt in my every day life I would have some amazing words to share with him. He almost makes the show unbearable for me to watch, but I won’t let him ruin it. He is truly what is wrong with most men in their late 20s, and there’s nothing cute about him. There was not as much focus on Glenn, the football player, and Neill the want to be singer/actress, but I am sure that as the season progresses we will get to know much more about them. For now we know Glenn is trying to transition from his long term relationship (who will be returning later on in the season). It was also shared that Neill is new to Dallas her original home town, though she hasn't lived there in around 5 years. She's a single mom at 23, and her only friend is Matt (god help the girl). All in all I thought the show had its funny moments and I will watch of course and I will eat it up just like every other show that Bravo feeds me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

shopbop end-of-summer sale

Today started the shopbop end-of-summer of sale! This mean tons and tons of their summer merchandise is going on sale anywhere from 30% to 70% off the original price. Just because it's "summer" clothes doesn't mean that you can't find great pieces for fall, because trust me you can. These are some of the things i would click on before they are long gone. I especially love the alice & olivia fuchsia dress, the short in the front long in the back was a favorite trend of mine from the spring/summer that im not ready to say goodbye to just yet. The Jeffrey Campbell taupe booties (top left) at 30% will definitely get lots of usage all of fall and winter.
Happy Shoppings.

From top left:
jeffrey campbell $107.80
one by line & dot long dress $82.60
brochu walker cardigan $255.50
vince long sleeve top $63.00
pour la victoire $175.00
marc by marc ring $61.60
jacquie aiche wrap bracelet $72.60
dolce vita pumps $127.40
alice + olivia dress $179.90
blu moon top $115.50
citizens of humanity jeans $177.10

Monday, August 15, 2011

Boyfriend Shirt Love


This Weekend I had a lovely intimate dinner with my family and then went around the town with my brother. It was the perfect opportunity to show off my new boyfriend shirt and the pour la victoire pumps seen before here ( & here My brother's first reaction when he saw me was "is that my shirt" of course i said 'No" this is the look i want, where he replied "you could have just borrowed one of my shirts". I thought, hmmm maybe next time i will, but i doubt it will have the same fit as mine. Thank you anyways Carlos.

chanel coin bracelet and handbag, david yurman and tiffany&co. rings, tiffany&co. key necklace.

trouve blouse, pleasure doing business skirt, pour la victoire pumps

Friday, August 12, 2011

Three Terrific Things

I searched high and low for glee concert tickets this summer, but sadly the Glee cast did not make it's way down to Miami. I even considered flying across the country for the chance to see my favorite cast from TV on the big stage, but held back. Luckily for me the makers of Glee had the genius idea to film the concerts and back stage scenes, then combined all the footage into a 3-d documentary style movie! It's out today and i cant wait to dance and sing in the movie aisle while watching.

After lusting for these shoes for the last month, i finally bit the bullet and purchased them. They are absolutely stunning in person. Note: has free 2nd day shipping, free return shipping, and they give you a whole year to decide if you want to keep or return your shoes. Yep that's 365 days. They were also the only website i found the shoes on that had them at a discount of 20% off.

I first heard about the Bar Method from the normal place where i get all my breaking news stories...The Real Housewives, of Beverly Hills that is. The ladies would speak about what a great workout this is, and the amazing things it does for their rear ends. Ive been meaning to go take a class at my local south Miami bar method studio, but at $24 a class i just haven't. Happily to my surprise it was/still is today's gilt city deal, $50 for two weeks of unlimited classes. Yes!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arm Party

thank you @bex1one - blue rosary ropes and cross bracelet N&K designs, R charm Fendi, david yurman, white and silver small cuffs Olive and Bettes NYC, last two chain bracelets

Stacking bracelets has always been a hobby of mine. I've been collecting bracelets since high school it seems like at this point (long time ago).  So I am proud to say I think I have a pretty decent, diverse collection. Recently a blogger @manrepeller ( has put a name to this hobby, that myself and many girls I know participate in, naming it an Arm Party. Many blogs ( that I frequent have gone berserk showing off their arm parties, and even trending #armparty on twitter.  What is an arm party? How exactly do you put one together? Honestly there is no exact science or way of doing this. You just stack a bunch of different bracelets together that you want to wear or think go good together. Personally myself I seem to be drawn to oranges, browns, neutral colors with some pops of bright colors. Typical to my every day style since I love beige, taupe, browns, and anything neutral. Above and below are some photos of recent arm parties myself and my friends have put together, and some of my favorite bracelets I have to date. Of course my arm party is always growing because i just cant say no to pretty new bracelets. Some favorite places to shop for additions to my arm party are tiffany & co. (charm bracelets), saks, & neimans (david yurman), N&K designs (, the street tables of NYC, nordstroms, and recently the new Henri Bendel ( in dadeland mall. Whoever had the bright idea of opening a Henri Bendel accessories boutique so close to me I have to say thank you. Thank you for the ever present temptation to want to add new additions to my collection. This is going to be a problem I already know it.

some of my arm party from all over

close up of my absolute favorites, david yurman, black tiffany pearls, orange tory burch, brown crystal wrap nordstrom, leather beige cuff with studs and red friendship bracelet henri bendel

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