Friday, May 6, 2011

Love looks so well on you

Jeans! There is nothing sexier that a girl in a pair of jeans that fits her just perfectly, because of this and many other reasons I simply love Jeans. But my god why is it so hard to find the perfect pair? I am the worst when it comes to buying jeans and being 100% convinced that I love how they look on me, because of this I often get stuck in a jean rut. A jeans rut is when someone finds that perfect brand and that perfect size that fits them so good, they want to buy the jean in every color and style that its made in. Leading to buying the same pair of jean over and over again because you just can’t find anything better. I swear in the last five years I must have bought around 10 pairs of Jbrand Skinny Jeans, if not more. I promise you I am not exaggerating. Last year alone I bought at least 3 that I can think of right now, the classic dark denim, a pair of really soft taupe ones, and a pair of shinny black skinnies, that are perfect for a night out. I have a love affair with Jbrands and I could probably wear just Jbrands, but I wanted to try new styles and new brands. The 70s seem to be everywhere right now, making the wide leg/flair jean the jean to have right now.  I wanted to accomplish this look, but at the same time staying true to my individual style which is ladylike, classic, and preppy. So I began on the quest for the perfect flare jean (but not too bell bottom-ish). I opted to go for white, because there’s something so classic, timeless, and sexy about a perfect pair of white fitting jeans. Initially I really wanted the Jbrand Love Stories, but I had to push myself not to buy another pair of Jbrands. So after trying on many many pairs (isn’t trying on 20 pairs of jeans the most fun!!! yea, right) the winner was a pair of Paige Lou Lou Tulips. Be warned this brand stretches out tremendously so buy the smallest size that you can fit into. At the end of the day, I am really happy with my purchase, and I can’t wait to wear my jeans for the rest of spring and well into summer and fall. I am even considering getting them again in the light denim wash color Paige sells. (oh oh I smell another jean rut coming!)
Paige Lou Lou Tulip

Jbrand Love Story

Next on my list:
Lou Lou Tulip In light denim wash.

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