Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Nice to go Trav'ling

My life has felt so scattered for the past couple of weeks and this is because it has been back to back traveling and living out of suitcases, and though I know I should NEVER complain about being so fortunate to be able to do these things it has been putting a damper on my moods and my life. My mood, my family life, my friends, my personal and work life, and my weight have been completely whacked out because I have not been able to be stationary. In a way it’s nice to know that I crave and enjoy stability. I yearn for the weeks that I knew exactly what was happening with my life and my schedule, working, and taking care of my body and getting enough rest. Lately those days have been far and few in between. That’s why since I got home on Monday from Orlando I have decided that I am going back to those days. I am getting off the roller coaster that has been my life lately and I am becoming a normal person again. Basically, I am grounding myself and I mean this as much as I possibly can. With my group of friends (who are all single at the same time for the first time in about four years) it’s very hard to do this, but I am fighting the peer pressure. I need to get back to myself, for my sanity at least. This means no more vacations, no more crazy weekends away, except for of course the relatively normal weekend outings, I don’t want to hear anything about fancy dinners, unlimited champagne, festivals, crazy parties....nope Nothing. I love my friends, but i love me more, so ill see you on the weekend.
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