Tuesday, January 12, 2010

kind of an introduction

Hello blog world. My name is Vanessa Ferrer and I am 27 years old. WOW that sounds old!!!!! I live in beautiful sunny Miami, Fl, where there is never a dull moment, or maybe sometimes there is. I am that type of person that always has an opinion on everything and is always being asked for advice on certain things. Most of these inquiries come regarding food and clothing. My head is constantly filled most of the time with useless information especially on one of those two topics, information that i have not yet figured out how to spread to the masses. Which is why i have decided to publish this blog, this is just the tool i need to spread my knowledge to the masses. I am pretty obsessed with food, wine, restaurants, new cuisines, cooking and will share through this blog all the many many things i enjoy. Clothes, shoes, and handbags is another love of mine that seems to be taking over most of any money that I make. What can i say i just can not help myself. I will basically use this bog to express my current, past, and future obsessions with the world. What i love and what i think many others should love as well. In between there will be little entries about my life, my family, my love life most probably, my friends, frustrations, and how can i forget... my travels!!!!
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