Friday, August 13, 2010

come rain or come shine

This weekend I have one goal and one goal only...that is to bake cupcakes with really good frosting. How important is the frosting/icing to the cupcake? Its probably the most important part of the whole cupcake. Recently thanks to the Food Network's Cupcake Wars i have been a little bit mesmerized by cupcakes and i cant seem to get one in Miami that i really like. Yes ive tried Michas (a little too much for me). I don't like cupcakes are too sweet or too complicated i like the simple classics. Recently on the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate, they had a classics themed episode. One of the Food Network stars chose cupcakes as their classic from a bakery called Butter Lane. It struck a cord with me because the chef lady used French Buttercream Icing. Hmmm just saying that "French Buttercream Icing" it sounds so delicious. So I've found a recipe for this French Buttercream Icing and im making it this weekend come rain or come shine. The cupcakes i will be making from a box mix, sorry people im not the best baker. Baby steps... Cooking i can do, but baking i never seem to get it right. Here's all the info.

Best Thing I Ever Ate Link:

ButterLane Website:

We think of it as cupcakes for grownups.
At Butter Lane we offer both French and American buttercream icing. What's the difference? French buttercream is made with egg whites, butter and granulated sugar, while American buttercream is made with confectioners sugar and butter. The French is more like a meringue while the American is like the familiar icing we all know.

French Butterceam Recipe:,1946,FOOD_9936_32891_RECIPE-PRINT-FULL-PAGE-FORMATTER,00.html

Thursday, August 12, 2010


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iPad Giveaway

So I made up my mind and I purchased the new generation Kindle. Sadly, so did everyone else in America and its back ordered until Sept. 4. In the meantime that doesn't mean I cant still think about the iPad. So, i found online that buzzsugar is doing a give away for one. All you have to do is guess who will be winning the  Emmy in their category and the entry with the most correct guesses wins the iPad. Now i probably lost because there are certain categories in which who i think should win never does. For example, best supporting actress Rose Bryne as Ellen Parson on Damages, in my opinion has been robbed the last three years. Damages would not be the same without Rose, someone give that girl an Emmy PLEASE. Register online and give it a shot, maybe you will be winning an iPad.

The Happy Madness

Lusting. Obsessing. Wishing. Online Shopping. I love you but I hate you. Right now I currently have four active wish lists on four different sites. Its torture it really is. Nordstrom, Love21, Shopbop, and Victoria Secret. Shopbop is beyond perfection, I mean it has to be every girl's dream, or least mine. Their style, their selection of designers, their beautiful SKINNY models that EVERYTHING look good on. Their shoes, wow their shoes, someone please explain to me why no store in Miami carries the selection of shoes that shopbop carries, and trust me i have been to every, EVERY, store and nothing compares to the selection on shopbop. Exercising daily self control to not rack up my credit card bill is something I don't even want to talk about. IF only I had this dress, IF only I had these shoes. Don't judge me ( I am fully aware that I might have a little bit of a problem)! Not to mention that the daily reminders don't help, the daily emails from VS that they currently have free shipping, and $15 off an order. Come on STOP the insanity (jk i love it). Then there's the look books from shopbop, which are so perfect. Recently they had an outdoors one, I am not an outdoors person at all, but this look book makes me want to buy every plaid shirt, every oversized thick sweater, every outdoors looking boot/bootie, and every cargo pant and hit the outdoors hard. These are some of my current obsessions, in case you are interested:

Long Sleeve Dresses:

Platform Booties / Boots:

Neutral colored messenger bags:
Cargo Pants:

Dresses can be found on
First Link of Shoes on
Next two shoes on
Messenger Bag on
Cargo Pants on

Happy Shoppings to all, for now I am only window shopping aka making wish list ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kindle or iPad?

After many weeks of debating between the Kindle and the iPad, I have gone ahead and purchased the new generation Kindle (3rd one). At first my mind was set on the iPad, but after spending a whole week searching for one at every apple store/best buy in Miami I got a little frustrated. This product was released in what? March or April? Still the apple stores can’t keep them in stock. Because of this fact, I had some time to do plenty of online research on the kindle and the iPad. While on one of my favorite websites,, I saw that Amazon was going to be releasing a new kindle. Now, I understand that they are completely different, and the kindle is as other blogs call it “a one trick pony”, but i mostly wanted the device for the “one trick” that the kindle does extremely well. I recently just completed the girl with the dragon tattoo and the whole time while reading I kept thinking how much better it would be if I was reading on an ereader. I wouldn’t have to deal with the annoying flap of the book, for starters. On a side note: if you haven’t read the trilogy start now!!!! You will thank me later when the first one makes it US premiere in December 2011. Back to the kindle vs. ipad debate. For me with all the research that I did, which was a lot of research and with some convincing arguments from my boyfriend and an online buddy of mine, I decided that the kindle at the present time fits my needs the best. The iPad is still highly coveted in my eyes and I still desperately want one, but I am going to wait until all the improvements are made. #1 it seriously needs a camera and with the technology that apple has the fact that they released the 1st generation without one honestly kind of really pisses me off. Come on apple!!!! You know the next one is going to have one, and I have a feeling its coming out real soon. But I’m curious what would you have decide on? The new lighter improved 3rd generation Kindle or the needs many improvements 1st generation iPad?
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