Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poor Me

In case you have been wondering where my thoughts have been this week...they've been in purgatory. Not quite hell, but purgatory. In a place of temporary punishment where i hope i never have to return too. Ok, maybe I am being a big baby, but this week more than ever i have realized how truly spoiled my day to day life is. I live in one my favorite areas of miami, close to everything. I have a starbucks across the street providing for my very convenient morning coffees and pastries. I work in two offices one about 20 blocks down sunset (7 minute drive) and the other literally two stop lights from my house (3 minute drive). I can wake up 15 minutes (at most) before i have to be at work and make it there on time. NOT this week! I have been sitting in 45 minutes to an hour traffic from my house to Doral, a location in miami where i hope never to return to. (Lets pause right here for one moment and say a little prayer that i will pass my continuing education exam tomorrow and be freed of this torture.) Tomorrow, Friday!!!! Its finally here, on monday i really thought it was all over and i would not make it. But its over tomorrow its friday. Not only is the reason that its friday on its own a reason to celebrate but my morning drives to doral are over!!!!!  As well as my drives home in rush hour traffic at 6pm!!!! Once this test is over pass or fail (hopefully pass, knock on wood) i will drive myself to the nearest bar and start happy hour a little bit earlier this week, because no one and i mean NO ONE needs a drink more than i do. I have literally sat through 45 hours of continuing education so that i may continue on with my real estate career. So basically my livelihood is on the line tomorrow and there is no option but to pass. Next week i have a big week of compensating ahead of me. Im talking about double gym sessions for the 0 times i have gone this week, posts every day for the ones i have not written, drinks with my friends, and everything else that i have missed out during my week in purgatory. I really feel for those of you who have this commute every day, i now understand.

Friday, February 19, 2010


kickball kickball kickball!!!! oh has it been too long. Tonight it begins. And by "it" i mean the complete debauchery of a bunch of 21+ miami kids. Oh kickball, does anybody even really care about the game? Well if you play in the grove league YES. A little too much, lets hope that everyone brigns the competition down a couple notches this time around and remembers that we are out there to have fun. That is probably not going to happen, since the same 8 teams have been playing in this leauge since ive been around which is around three years, and every year it gets more and more ruthless. None the less twice a year (fall & winter) the 8 grove teams sign up for around 3 months of crazy friday nights. Where you can wake up the next day not remembering anything that occured after 9pm. Not knowing where your car, your phone, your camera, your friends, or your sanity and dignity are. Kind of makes you feel like you're right back at that kegger party in college. I am for one very excited to get out there tonight see those old familiar faces and try to give the league champs a run for their title.

if you want to play (the league is always full, but hey you can try to get in) go to:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Problem with the Bachelor

I must say i am a bachelor-aholic. I thoroughly, in the past, have enjoyed watching every season of the bachelor / bachlorette franchise. It is one acitivity that bonds my mother and myself, every monday night during the seasons we have parties invite our friends over, cook, drink wine and have a very delightful evening with abc. But i must say that i am very very disappointed with this season choice of  a "bachelor" Mr. Jake Pevelka. I was routing for Reid to become the next bachelor, and if not Ried then Kimpton. Heck, even Wes would have been a funner better bachelor to watch than this dud Jake. Even though i was so deeply disappointed with the choice of Jake i must watch the bachelor its so bad yet so good at the same time and i could not deny myself of it. So my mom and i gave a jake a chance and wow did he let us down. The season has been a bust, beside the highlight of Rozlyn. And my favorite Alli (hopefully new bachelorette) there was nothing good about this season. Now we are left with the spoiler and obviously was really does end up happening Vienna winning the bachelor's heart. I can not tell you how much it bothers me when girls like Vienna win in life. I know it sounds horrible for me to say such a thing, and i should not judge or wish bad agaisnt anyone. But i have met so many Vienna's in my life and i can not stand Vienna types. Every day in this country good guy types (like i suppose our buddy jake is) fall for manipulating, mischievous, controlling crazy girls like Vienna. I dont get it. IF Vienna, was lets say a "10" then i can tell you well her looks are blinding him, the girl is drop dead gorgeous, but the girl is far from it. When you put up Vienna next to Tenley and Gia and Alli 3 girls in my opinion who are very beautiful and probably way out of dud jake's league in every day real life circumstances you have to think this show is completely rigged. What man is going to choose vienna over these 3 quality pretty girls. Yes, Gia has a past ( but at least its her job and shes getting paid. The girl is pretty and she has a sick body why shouldnt she be a model. I like her, she comes off sincere, down to earth, and as an all around likeable girl. In my opinion Vienna past ( is much worse. Not to mentnion all the rumors out there on the internet of what she did to her poor ex husband. Jake is done but what im trying to say is this, men open your eyes, stop falling for girls like Vienna, and KICK them to curb!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Funny Valentine

Happy Early Valentine's Day...OH! and President's Day! No posts till monday. Leaving to my happiest place on Earth later on today and wont be back till Monday. Ill take pictures of interesting things, and good food to share with everyone on my returns. i <3 mickey, minnie, donald, daisy, goofy, pluto, all princess, and everything disney!!!! <3 <3 <3

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Popsugaring & Shopboping

Two of my favorite activities ever popsugaring & shopboping, by placing "ing" after almost any word you can transform your word into a verb, putting action to whatever you are doing. Well two of my favorite activities ever are popsugaring & shopboping.

I absolutely love popsugar, and everything that comes with it, fabsugar, buzzsugar, yumsugar, petsugar, celebstyle, shopstyle. Don’t even get me started i can spend hours+ on the whole sugar community. The people behind this website have struck online gold in my opinion. One site that you can go to for the most up the date, and not just the usual, stuff in the pop world, tv world, food world and the list goes on. They have also come up with the little brain child of shopstyle. Oh WOW shopstyle, the worst thing (sarcasm) ever to be invented especially if you have a teeny tiny shopping problem as i do. This website lets you choose your favorite designers, you create your own wishlist from a combined layout of almost every website out there, fantasy outfits and looks for anything that comes to your mind in the looks category. Not to mention MY FAVORITE tool shopstyle sale alerts. You can actually look up for example a very cute dvf dress, set your size and this site will send you an email if that particular dress goes on sale on any website online. This can be applied to shoes, purses, tops, skirts, and purses basically anything you desire for any one or multiple brands. It’s so perfect and so horrible at the same exact time. Below a preview of a shopstyle dream look to a dream destiantion:

Vita at ShopStyle

Now to shopboping, oh how i love shopbop. How i look forward to my morning emails from shopbop with the look books. They are perfect they make me want every single item in the look books; they make me want to travel to where ever the look destination is or do whatever the theme of the look book is. No doubt my favorite thing about shopbop is their wish list and their <3s (loves). You place a <3 next to your favorite designers and shopbop has a whole section titled <3, where you can find all of your favs. This doesn’t really work for me though since everything on the site is my <3 in my dream world shop bop is my closet. end of story. Whoever invited this "wish list" application has really helped me in my shopping addiction. You do all the online shopping your little heart desires and you place it all on a wish list, even items that are way beyond your price point i mean it COULD go on 75% sale, with out any guilt of actually spending the money. Weekly i check on my wish lists discarding on impulse add ons and keeping what i REALLY need (i don’t really need anything). In conclusion, wish lists give you the illusion of the shopping without the actual credit card debt. I love it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JB Kitchen & Bar...All to myself

There are many websites that i am member of which send me newsletters about things that are going on and opening in my city, Miami. Some that i take seriously and like to try most of the places they write about are daily candy, thrillist and eater Miami. I LOVE NEW RESTAURANTS. Here in Miami sometimes you have to act fast when a new restaurant is opening, here today and gone tomorrow. Doesn’t necessarily mean the restaurant wasn’t good, most of the times it is, just means there are so many choices some just can’t survive. These websites have a tendency to send out newsletters about restaurants before they have even officially opened. Second time this happens to me. First was at the cherry on top in the grove, daily candy posted about it, restaurant did not open until about a month after the posting by then it was forgotten.

Last night a friend and I head out to try a new Miami restaurant called JB Kitchen & Bar. I call before inquiring if a reservation was needed, and confirming it was open, it reservation needed. We arrive around 9pm (normal eating time in Miami, if not early) and there is solely one other table with people eating and us. This other table finishes and leaves soon after we are seated leaving just my friend and i all to ourselves in this very beautifully decorated restaurant. All in all i must say that i recommend this place for anyone who is interested to give it a try. Large selection of different varieties of food, something i love...large selection of appetizers, side dishes, salads, and main entrees. Not to mention the appetizers and side dishes are definitely large enough to share.

We started with the rock shrimp with spicy peanut dipping sauce, and the tuna tiradito. The food came extremely quick since we were the only ones eating in the restaurant. The shrimp had been fried right on the spot very good and very fresh. The only complaint is that i like rock shrimp slathered with the sauce, the dipping sauce was something new, not my favorite way to eat this dish but nonetheless very tasty. Tuna tiradito was something new for me i had never eaten this dish, very similar to tuna tataki but the tuna is cut a little thicker. It was enjoyed. As our meal we shared mussels and a side dish of lobster mac & cheese, which had a very fair amount of lobster. The worst is when you order this and there is hardly any lobster. We rounded off this whole meal with a nice bottle of Malbec, very reasonably priced at $8 a glass and $24 a bottle, we had the bottle. $24 for a bottle of wine at a decent restaurant in Miami, that’s kind of unheard of, got to take advantage when you can.

We headed to green street, my friends and i most favorite place in all of the world haha, for one last night cap and to finish off our gossip session before we headed home.

All in all JB Kitchen & Bar will officially be opened on Friday February 12, 2010 and they are having complimentary happy hour the week of between 6pm and 8pm so check it out. Let’s hope this one sticks around for longer than 6 months.
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