Thursday, February 11, 2010

Popsugaring & Shopboping

Two of my favorite activities ever popsugaring & shopboping, by placing "ing" after almost any word you can transform your word into a verb, putting action to whatever you are doing. Well two of my favorite activities ever are popsugaring & shopboping.

I absolutely love popsugar, and everything that comes with it, fabsugar, buzzsugar, yumsugar, petsugar, celebstyle, shopstyle. Don’t even get me started i can spend hours+ on the whole sugar community. The people behind this website have struck online gold in my opinion. One site that you can go to for the most up the date, and not just the usual, stuff in the pop world, tv world, food world and the list goes on. They have also come up with the little brain child of shopstyle. Oh WOW shopstyle, the worst thing (sarcasm) ever to be invented especially if you have a teeny tiny shopping problem as i do. This website lets you choose your favorite designers, you create your own wishlist from a combined layout of almost every website out there, fantasy outfits and looks for anything that comes to your mind in the looks category. Not to mention MY FAVORITE tool shopstyle sale alerts. You can actually look up for example a very cute dvf dress, set your size and this site will send you an email if that particular dress goes on sale on any website online. This can be applied to shoes, purses, tops, skirts, and purses basically anything you desire for any one or multiple brands. It’s so perfect and so horrible at the same exact time. Below a preview of a shopstyle dream look to a dream destiantion:

Vita at ShopStyle

Now to shopboping, oh how i love shopbop. How i look forward to my morning emails from shopbop with the look books. They are perfect they make me want every single item in the look books; they make me want to travel to where ever the look destination is or do whatever the theme of the look book is. No doubt my favorite thing about shopbop is their wish list and their <3s (loves). You place a <3 next to your favorite designers and shopbop has a whole section titled <3, where you can find all of your favs. This doesn’t really work for me though since everything on the site is my <3 in my dream world shop bop is my closet. end of story. Whoever invited this "wish list" application has really helped me in my shopping addiction. You do all the online shopping your little heart desires and you place it all on a wish list, even items that are way beyond your price point i mean it COULD go on 75% sale, with out any guilt of actually spending the money. Weekly i check on my wish lists discarding on impulse add ons and keeping what i REALLY need (i don’t really need anything). In conclusion, wish lists give you the illusion of the shopping without the actual credit card debt. I love it.


  1. Glad to here you're a big sugar fan :) I work at PopSugarTV!

  2. Hi! Thank you for reading my blog! Yes i love all the sugar sites. PopsugarTV is a great new add on, i watch all the videos and was really happy you guys got to work the red carpet at the MTV movie awards yesterday. I am a big fan of all the sugar sites and have applied to a couple open job positions, even used this blog entry once. Recently yumsugar featured a post i did on my 25th bday on their main site. it was great. my sugar profile name is vane elliemae :)


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