Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Problem with the Bachelor

I must say i am a bachelor-aholic. I thoroughly, in the past, have enjoyed watching every season of the bachelor / bachlorette franchise. It is one acitivity that bonds my mother and myself, every monday night during the seasons we have parties invite our friends over, cook, drink wine and have a very delightful evening with abc. But i must say that i am very very disappointed with this season choice of  a "bachelor" Mr. Jake Pevelka. I was routing for Reid to become the next bachelor, and if not Ried then Kimpton. Heck, even Wes would have been a funner better bachelor to watch than this dud Jake. Even though i was so deeply disappointed with the choice of Jake i must watch the bachelor its so bad yet so good at the same time and i could not deny myself of it. So my mom and i gave a jake a chance and wow did he let us down. The season has been a bust, beside the highlight of Rozlyn. And my favorite Alli (hopefully new bachelorette) there was nothing good about this season. Now we are left with the spoiler and obviously was really does end up happening Vienna winning the bachelor's heart. I can not tell you how much it bothers me when girls like Vienna win in life. I know it sounds horrible for me to say such a thing, and i should not judge or wish bad agaisnt anyone. But i have met so many Vienna's in my life and i can not stand Vienna types. Every day in this country good guy types (like i suppose our buddy jake is) fall for manipulating, mischievous, controlling crazy girls like Vienna. I dont get it. IF Vienna, was lets say a "10" then i can tell you well her looks are blinding him, the girl is drop dead gorgeous, but the girl is far from it. When you put up Vienna next to Tenley and Gia and Alli 3 girls in my opinion who are very beautiful and probably way out of dud jake's league in every day real life circumstances you have to think this show is completely rigged. What man is going to choose vienna over these 3 quality pretty girls. Yes, Gia has a past ( but at least its her job and shes getting paid. The girl is pretty and she has a sick body why shouldnt she be a model. I like her, she comes off sincere, down to earth, and as an all around likeable girl. In my opinion Vienna past ( is much worse. Not to mentnion all the rumors out there on the internet of what she did to her poor ex husband. Jake is done but what im trying to say is this, men open your eyes, stop falling for girls like Vienna, and KICK them to curb!

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