Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poor Me

In case you have been wondering where my thoughts have been this week...they've been in purgatory. Not quite hell, but purgatory. In a place of temporary punishment where i hope i never have to return too. Ok, maybe I am being a big baby, but this week more than ever i have realized how truly spoiled my day to day life is. I live in one my favorite areas of miami, close to everything. I have a starbucks across the street providing for my very convenient morning coffees and pastries. I work in two offices one about 20 blocks down sunset (7 minute drive) and the other literally two stop lights from my house (3 minute drive). I can wake up 15 minutes (at most) before i have to be at work and make it there on time. NOT this week! I have been sitting in 45 minutes to an hour traffic from my house to Doral, a location in miami where i hope never to return to. (Lets pause right here for one moment and say a little prayer that i will pass my continuing education exam tomorrow and be freed of this torture.) Tomorrow, Friday!!!! Its finally here, on monday i really thought it was all over and i would not make it. But its over tomorrow its friday. Not only is the reason that its friday on its own a reason to celebrate but my morning drives to doral are over!!!!!  As well as my drives home in rush hour traffic at 6pm!!!! Once this test is over pass or fail (hopefully pass, knock on wood) i will drive myself to the nearest bar and start happy hour a little bit earlier this week, because no one and i mean NO ONE needs a drink more than i do. I have literally sat through 45 hours of continuing education so that i may continue on with my real estate career. So basically my livelihood is on the line tomorrow and there is no option but to pass. Next week i have a big week of compensating ahead of me. Im talking about double gym sessions for the 0 times i have gone this week, posts every day for the ones i have not written, drinks with my friends, and everything else that i have missed out during my week in purgatory. I really feel for those of you who have this commute every day, i now understand.

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