Friday, September 30, 2011

Three Terrific Things

Floral Inspiration


This weekend it's all about the simple things. The premiere of Season 6 of Dexter, a beautiful baby shower by the water with family, and simply relaxing. For some reason I feel like Dexter has been off the air FOREVER so I am super thrilled for Sunday. Tonight I will be staying in while making flower arrangements which I'm surprisingly ok with. Truthfully I'm more than ok, I'm pretty excited about it, I love flowers. Happy October 1st, this Saturday we will officially be in my favorite month of the whole entire year, so I'm sure there are only good things to come. Enjoy your weekend.

My Post from exactly one year ago where i shared all the reasons why I love october so much:

Season 6 Premiere of Dexter this Sunday on Showtime


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deep in a Dream

Giuseppe Zanotti
What do you dream about? I dream about beautiful shoes, purses, good food, and far away travels. (Among life's more important things of course) This is my perfect shoe; the deep purple color, the luscious suede, the ridiculous high heel, and the sexy peep toe - this is what my dreams consist of. Ever since I wrote about these Giuseppes a couple weeks ago I have been obsessing over how I could make them part of my shoe collection. I finally just went for it because I know fall would not have been complete without me in these shoes!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ahoy its a Boy!

Jenny's Inspiration for the Baby Shower.
These last two weeks I have been helping with a ton of baby shower activities. My cousin Jennifer and her wonderful husband Mario are expecting their first baby and this Saturday is their shower. They are over the moon thrilled along with the whole family, awaiting little baby Mario Alejandro. After my birthday party throwing skills seen here: I have been summonded to help plan the event with Jenny's sister and my other cousin Jessica. It's been great getting to spend this extra time with my cousins, since they are both married with children I dont see them as often as we would all like. I am very much looking forward to seeing the whole family this Saturday and sharing in this very special day together.

Jenny's personalized Candy Jars on the left that we will be filling with blue M&Ms and assorted candies as seen on the right.
 Inspirational flowers from my birthday left, but Jenny's will be on a smaller scale like the flowers on the right and using smaller square vases.

some extra inspiration from pinterest:


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Any Time at All

Rose Gold Everything! All of sudden rose gold is the accessory color to have. Since spring I have been pretty much obsessed with this color and anything in it. I shared my love here: Then on my birthday I was surprised with these beautiful ruby and rose gold studs: Rose Gold is just so feminine and ladylike; it goes perfect with my everyday style. My next rose gold purchase is definitely going to be a watch, I do need one to match my earrings. I have had my eye on a couple different ones for some months now, but it’s just too difficult to decide on one. I love the big round faced masculine looking ones because it’s the perfect mix of femininity due to the delicate color but then it has roughness and masculinity added in because of the large size. Here are a couple of the contenders I'm trying to decide between.

Michael Kors


Nixon & Burberry    

From Top Left:
Michael watches:
MICHELE watches:
Nixon watch:
Burberry watch:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Stay with me

Trust me, I know what this girl is feeling! I have had absolutely no time, that's zero time, to write and I feel terrible about that. I so don't feel like myself if I am not writing. My life is just a tiny bit crazy right now. All good, very good stuff, but all very time consuming. Hoping for a better tomorrow with at least a couple spare minutes to write! My plan for tonight is to light a stress-free candle and seriously decompress. Until tomorrow friends.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall TV

We are half way done with the first week of premiere week for fall TV, and I am excited! New fall programming is just another reason why I love this season so very much. My tivo is full and I’ve scheduled every night this week to do absolutely nothing but watch all the new shows, and returning favorites. Tonight is the long awaited premiere of the show I am most looking forward to this fall and that is Revenge. Out of all the promos and previews that have been airing these last couple of weeks Revenge is definitely the one that stood out to me the most. Good job advertisers, good job! The music, mixed with the location (the Hamptons), the plot, and every other guilty pleasure is basically everything I love about a good show mixed into one. I have high hopes for this show and I hope I'm not disappointed tonight.

New Fall TV on my watch list:
Secret Circle (Thurs. CW): - Pretty Little Liars is over for now, but no crying because I tuned into the Secret Circle and I am happy to say it will be filling up the whole left behind by the little liars. It has the mystery and lies of PLL plus something even better added in MAGIC!
Ringer (Tues. CW): I love Sarah Michelle Gellar; she started my love affair / obsession with vampires so of course I’m watching the twin thriller.
2 Broke Girls (Mon. CBS): I was literally laughing out loud while watching this. I made it a season pass on my tivo and ill be watching to see if these girls can reach their goal of $250,000 and open up their cupcake shop, here’s hoping they can!
Playboy Club (Mon. NBC): As a huge fan of Mad Men I wasn’t sure if playboy club was going to live up to time era drama but I have to say it impressed me. It has multiple but all interesting story lines, and the cast sure is pretty to watch.
New Girl (Mon. CBS): Who cant relate to being dumped and watching your favorite movie over and over again until there are no more tears left? I could only wish I had three best male friends to help me through the process, not every girl is that lucky. So far this is probably my favorite new show; Zooey Deschanel is absolutely perfect in this.
Revenge (Wed. ABC) & Pan AM (Sun. ABC) &
Terra Nova (Mon. FOX) & Once Upon a Time (Sun. ABC): will update once they air.

Returning Favorites:
How I met your mother (Mon. CBS): please Ted just tell us who she is already!!!
Glee (Tues. FOX): Your last chance to win Nationals, it better happen.
Criminal Minds (Wed. CBS): I've been sleeping way too sound fully over the summer, time to bring the nightmares back criminal minds.
Modern Family (Wed. ABC): Sofia Vergara is flawless, and the rest of the cast cheers up my Wednesday nights in a way that only they can.
Big Bang Theory (Thurs. CBS): I am secretly in love with Jim Parsons. Ok, maybe not so secretly. I loved this show since the first episode and I’m so happy it's now getting all the recognition it has deserved from day one! Penny. Penny. Penny. (hahaha)
Gossip Girl (Mon. CW): I’ve missed B & S way too much, and also I would love the help with my fall wardrobe. No show inspires when it comes to fashion as much as Gossip Girl does.
Happy Endings (Wed. ABC): Just see here -
Walking Dead (Sun. AMC): the zombiessssssss are coming!!!!!! and I couldn’t be happier about it, except for the fact that I seriously can NOT sleep after I watch the walking dead.
Dexter (Sun. SHOWTIME): YES!!!!! The final fall premiere making us wait all the way until October 16 but the wait is worth every single second. This season is going to be all about faith and what you believe in. Will Dexter finally completely loose it and cross over to the dark side? We will wait and see...

I found this calendar from very helpful for keeping track of what’s on what night and what network!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Austin Chronicles

yeehaw cowboy

I love Austin restaurant and store signs.

It is so nice to be back home, but there are so many things I already miss about Austin. There's nothing like having my puppy back, sleeping in my bed, and watching my tivo, but browsing through my Austin photos makes me a little sad that my vacation is over. Today I share with you the memories of my favorite moments from my trip. These are the times that really stood out and that I would like to share the most. Until next time I have these memories to remind me of the perfect weekend.

finally finding cafecito patron!!!

kung fu bar has FREE arcade games!
Austin is the perfect place to go to on  budget or even with hardly no money at all.
 SUPER affordable to us Miami people.

I had to play a round and I made it in the "50" whole twice!
I learned  I'm super good at Skee Ball after cafecito shots.
james perse top. zara skirt. american apparel clutch.

Welcome To Austin City Limits


patterson j. kincaid top. f21 jean shorts. keds sneakers. ray ban aviators.

random girl rocking highlighter shades. leopard shorts. ankle wrap flats. and turquoise necklaces - LOVE


The Best Wurst -Austin Food Truck- So Good. 
Bratwurst w/ sauerkraut & spicy mustard. New York Boiled Salted Potatoes.

 Kanye West AKA "God"! The reaction to Kanye from the 50,000 + person crowd was unlike anything i have ever experienced. He pour his whole entire body into that performance. It was definitely one if not the most incredible live performance I have ever seen in my life. He played straight for about two hours, including hits such as all of the lights, it all falls down, goldigga, love lockdown, higher, monster, even a teaser from watch the throne - show me why you deserve to have it all.
Even more excited to see him and JayZ in the AAA! #WTT

 I could not leave the UT campus without visiting my Sorority! Alpha Xi Delta <3

 madewell hat & blouse. f21 linen shorts. urban outfitter bag. steve madden flats.

 The Capital.

 One last thing ya'll when ya'll in the capital of Texas
ain't no way ya'll going home without ridin' a bull!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Austin Chronicles - Magnolia Cafe

I have physically returned from my trip to Austin but my mental state right now is a completely different story. I am pretty exhausted to say the least, but my exhaustion is worth every second because I had an incredible little vacation. Austin has this special charm to it that you can’t really understand unless you have visited. It’s a small town vibe and feeling but it’s actually a thriving city. My friends and I had a great time exploring the city; and this is in thanks to our awesome guide, Anthony, my best friend's cousin. Thank you for taking care of your duckies and making sure we experienced the best Austin had to offer, while keeping us safe! I'm sure it's not easy keeping track of five girls, giving up your room for us, and showing us the best time, make your way to Miami so we can repay you!  I'm sorting through about two hundred photos right now trying to decide the best moments and highlights to share. Today I bring you some shots from an adorable little cafe where we had the most scrumptious brunch. Magnolia Cafe on South Congress, I highly recommend if you are traveling to Austin you try to make a stop here, and luckily its open twenty-four hours a day so you can stop by whenever you would like.
madewell tank & shorts. longchamp backpack.

"The Magnolia" + Turkey Omelette (so good!)  

Gingerbread Pancake with Pecans

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am off to Austin today and I could not be more excited! Unfortunately there will no post until Monday, because i will be enjoying an awesome city! I am going to make sure to take as many photos as possible to share with you. All the fun from the ACL Music Festival, the nightlife, and all great food we will be eating. Everyone enjoy the rest of your week and your weekend!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miami Chic

Very Thought of You sighting on for the Miami Chic column written by Annie Vazquez! That's me on the left wearing my new favorite burnt orange rag&bone jeans.
Also seen here: Check out ( for this special article on Miami chic ladies wearing colored jeans during Fashion's Night Out!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'll Be Seeing You - Madewell

This weekend I finally made my way to the new Madewell store on Lincoln road. I woke up early enough to beat the brunch crowd and decided it was about due time I visited Madewell. I first became a fan of Madewell (J.Crew's sister store) while on a trip to NYC when I stumbled into their Soho location, which is a complete madhouse by the way! Every time I've gone it is overrun and filled to absolute capacity with other shoppers. This makes it very difficult to browse around, try anything on, and even pay, because the lines are super long. The Lincoln road location was pure heaven. Since I arrived pretty early for a Saturday, around 11:30am, I had the whole store to myself. The two ladies that were working were beyond nice and showed me the best customer service I have experienced in a store in a long time. I was easily in and out of the fitting room switching out sizes, and asking their opinions on size and fit. After my visit I am even happier that there is Madewell in Miami now, and will be visiting much more often. Next stop was brunch with my friend, Maggie, at Il Mulino in Sunny Isles (I really need to start taking food photos for my food posts, oops). Then we were off for some more shopping at Bal Harbor. Where after some afternoon glasses of wine I splurged a little (well alot) and made a big purchase from this blog entry: stay tuned for more details on that.
madewell purchases that will be in rotation all weekend while I'm in Austin.

F21 blouse. J Brand jeans. Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag. loehmann's necklace. chanel sunglasses.

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