Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Endings

Normally I lean towards cable channels for good television, and stick with the basic network channels for a couple favorites like the bachelor franchise. For comedy in the past and still I am really into CBS for how I met your mother, big bang theory, and rules of engagement. Then last fall something happened....ABC!!!! ABC debuted some of the best, funniest comedies such as, modern family, cougar town, and better with you. Recently, just as all shows are about to have their season finales and go into hibernation until Fall ABC pleasantly surprised viewers with Happy Endings. Dubbed the "new friends" Happy Endings is the story of 6 long time friends living in Chicago. Automatically I associated myself with these characters mainly because they're in the same age group as I am, late 20s early 30s. Also because, it's great and refreshing to see these 6 characters all around the same age, in very different personal life stages. The married couple - Jane & Brad, the couple that dated for 10 years then one left the other at the alter - Alex & Dave, the single gal - Penny who never lets the others forget just how brutal and ruthless the single life is, and the "gay" single guy - Max, who as Penny explains is more of a stereotypical heterosexual male.  I don't know if I would necessarily agree that this is the "new friends" that void has been filled by HIMYM for some time now because at least that show is in NYC, but Happy Endings is definitely a must see. Originally intrigued when I saw one of the main characters is Elisha Cuthbert (love her in the girl next door) as Alex, but haven't fallen in love with her character yet, she’s kind of just coasting along. Now, the neurotic, obsessive, controlling and manipulating behavior of Jane is just too much, love her and can’t help but laugh at everything she’s done so far. Convincing the waitress to bring her vodka as "water" at Penny’s 26th (really 30th) birthday dinner had me laughing out loud, seriously laughing out loud! Happy Endings is on tonight on ABC at 10pm., hoping you become a fan!


  1. Hey V,
    Thanks for recommending this show! I caught up on Hulu and LOVE it. OMG, it's hysterical!

  2. Yay! im so glad you like it and you are watching. Its so funny i love it! i saw you got a kindle for mothers day....its the best ever youre going to read books super fast now, watch. :)OH...And happy belated Mothers Day <3


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