Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AMC "as original as it gets"

Is anyone out there watching the Killing on AMC? AMC prides it self as coming up with the most original series on TV, and honestly I can’t argue with them. AMC first won me over with the debut of Mad Men. Mad Men based in the 1950s (my favorite era of American history) when men dressed and acted like men, when woman had class and dressed themselves with elegance, and when there was just a certain enjoyment and passion  about life, then choose NYC to be the setting for the show, and most likely its going to be a home run. Apparently every other TV critic also fell in love with Mad Men, and it won many best drama awards right away, though it did take some time for the viewers to catch up, even still Mad Men was rumored of being delayed this season because it doesn’t have enough viewers, therefore it doesn’t make enough money, resulting in a key character maybe having to be cut out (fired). SAD. My second favorite AMC series debuted October of last year, The Walking Dead. WOW!!!!! The Walking Dead is such an amazing story of survival and the human will to live. You would think the show is all about zombies, and some of it is, but they are not the main characters, the main characters are the few survivors that are so obviously doomed but refuse to give up and endure a daily battle for survival. The first season was very short (only 6 episodes) but enough to have me completely hooked and on the edge of my seat waiting for October 2011.

Debuting two Sundays ago AMC has done it once again, completely hooking me on the Killing. A cross between silence of the lambs/csi/criminal minds (all favorites) you must start watching the Killing as soon as possible. The whole season is the mystery of  one death, the killing of good girl Rosie Larsen who ended up dead and tortured at the bottom of a lake, inside the trunk of politician and mayor candidate Darren Richmond's campaign car. Every character is a suspect and just when you think you know for sure who the murderer is the whole story changes. Staying true to AMC story telling, and reminding me of that Mad Men style, this is not a show that explains to you everything little thing that is happening, you need to devote your full attention for the whole hour it plays because once you miss something its gone. As I like to call Mad Men and now The Killing this is smart TV, therefor while you're watching, it doesn’t feel like your brain cells are rotting. You know the way how some reality TV shows might make our brain cells feel, lol. (don’t hate, I also love reality TV) Just saying if you are bored just a little from all the reality TV out there and you want to watch a different type of show, something that will make you think, watch the Killing, it’s definitely worth an hour of your Sunday night. Warning: Be careful to watch this right before lights out and bedtime, the last two Sundays I have experienced major difficulty sleeping and have had plenty of nightmares regarding poor Rosie.

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