Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh! Food! Comparison

I promised a food delivery service comparison and here it is. This week I tried a new healthy food delivery service called Fit2Go. It was pretty good, but overall I have to say that for me personally I enjoy Fat Busters much better. The meals that I ate while on Fit2Go were as follows, Wednesday a beef fajita wrap with a side of fruit. Thursday Broccoli soup, pumpkin chicken, and carrot purée topped yucca. Friday a ham and cheese wrap with a side of cream vegetables. The beef fajita wrap and the pumpkin chicken were the best two things I ate and would recommend, the rest was just decent, but nothing impressive. It was definitely lacking the flavor and that added punch that in my opinion Fat Busters has. The packaging of Fit2Go is very cute I must say, and I liked how all the containers had a label on the outside with all the ingredients and nutritional information. Though, for the price Fit2Go compared to Fat Busters, the Fit2Go meals were much smaller. Another reason I would recommend Fat Busters over Fit2Go is also because the portions of food are much bigger, for someone like me it’s very easy to eat half at lunch and half at dinner. There is no way this can be done with Fit2Go, you would need to pay more money and also order the dinner meals. I compared two exact soups, the broccoli soup, from each food delivery service, both also have the same nutritional value and the Fat Busters one just has much more flavor and better taste. So there you go, next week I'm back on fat busters. If you live in Miami and you are thinking of order f a food delivery service I hope in some way this helped you.

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