Monday, April 18, 2011

Forever21 vs Shopbop

There is not one girl out there that i know of that does not think of shopbop as one of their ultimate fantasy closets. It really is any girl's dream come true, at least this girl's (as i have shared before Shopbop has all the staples; the most fabulous dresses, the exclusives that only they carry, that one special piece that will make your look different and stand out, amazing look books, and the talent to find every new and up coming fabulous designer. To make things even better they offer free shipping, which sometimes comes the next day, or in two days. The costumer service is one of the best of any online shopping site i have ever used, answering every single one of my neurotic questions. The only down side to shopbop is that unless you are an actress, socialite, princess, model, rock star, early 20s millionaire, or born with a silver spoon, it becomes a very expensive hobby that most of us are not fortunate enough for. I do sometimes splurge and treat myself to shopbop, but its not an every week or every month thing, its a one in a while thing. So for most other stuff I have my websites and shops that i frequent, and i have to admit that a new front runner is especially the Love21 section. Even one of my favorite ladies out there and winner of bachelor brad's heart, Emily Maynard, wore almost everything this season from forever21. Yes, she dresses up her Forever21 with $900 Christian Louboutins, but honestly that's the way to do it. Spend money on shoes, purses, jewelry, and face/hair care. Don't spend money on trends. Below is a  little comparison of how you can get almost the same items/looks at forever21 vs. shopbop for 100s of dollars less.

Forever by vferrer0706 featuring skinny ankle jeans

shopbop by vferrer0706 featuring floral shorts

Jean dresses, lace tunic tops, big brim hats, flower blouses/cami, gray tanks, flower pleated shorts, colorful bead bracelets, cargo jeans, and white metallic bangles. All achievable in two different stores, for two different budgets, but resulting in the same look.

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  1. Very happy to see the dresses here because they are my all time favorite dresses. I love tops and short dresses with pants and shorts. Also some simple jewelries with it for my outfit. Bestnon iron dress shirts are my favorite for casual fashion.


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