Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Best of Everything

Today we say goodbye to September, and I'm so excited it almost feels like Christmas Eve. This is because tomorrow is the beginning of my favorite month of the whole year. October is here!!!! There are so many reasons why I love October its hard for me to pick my number one ultimate reason but I’m going to try and express my love for this month, and before you know it maybe you too will love October. First there is the slight, and I mean very slight, change in the weather. Living in Miami I don’t really get to experience the change of seasons but today when I woke up the weather was just a little bit lighter and breezier. Its feels so yummy and hopefully it will only continue to keep cooling off. There’s the return of pumpkin in my life. I will be eating and drinking everything and anything that has pumpkin in it for the next couples of months because before I know it, pumpkin will be gone again and ill have to wait a whole year. There are pumpkin spice lattes, there’s pumpkin yogurt from the TCBY down the street from my house, fresh pumpkin raviolis from Italian restaurants, pumpkin soup. Can you tell my excitement? So far I have only had the lattes so I really need every other restaurant to catch up already. Third there's the food & wine festival in Epcot, Walt Disney World, it's around the whole month of October (this year extended until Nov. 14)  I have been going to this event for the past I don’t even know how many years (like 8 probably). Also, this year I’m giving myself an even bigger treat and I’m going to the Food Network New York City Food & Wine Festival Grand Tasting This makes me so happy because not only will I be doing two of my favorite things, eating and drinking wine, ill get to experience the change of the season in beautiful new york city.

Now my most favorite reason why I love October....HALLOWEEN!!!!! Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday, more than Thanksgiving and Christmas, I just love everything about it. There are two different types of people in this world; those that love to dress up and those that hate to dress up, and I LOVE to dress up. No matter how old I am when Halloween comes around I feel like a little kid again. My favorite part of Halloween though is dressing up my nephew and my niece and taking them trick or treating at a local outside mall. There’s nothing like that. So, for the next month except to see a huge smile on my face because I have so many things to be happy about. I truly am fortunate and blessed. Happy October :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mad About TV

This past week was premiere week for TV, and if there's something i love its TV. Fall is my ultimate favorite season of the year for many reasons, one of those reason is the return of great TV. Who needs to go to the movies when there is so much good TV? I want to talk about some of my favorites that returned and a couple new ones that are being added to my must tivo list. Before i get into that i want to share with everyone my #1 favorite new show, My Generation! wow did this show hit home for me. I too graduated in the year 2000 and i can hardly believe its been 10 years. Many many things have changed such as where i thought i would to be to where I am, happy things, sad things, and many other things in the middle. The show made me so emotional i cried 3 to 4 times during it, and this really came as a surprise to me. I knew it would tug at some heart strings and some personal issues but i did not think it would lead to that reaction. Needless to say i had to pour myself a glass of wine when the show was over to kind of put myself at ease. My favorite line of the whole episode was close to the end when the narrator says "the last 10 years were just the beginning" it just filled me up with so much hope i absolutely loved it and i absolutely loved everything about the show, i am so looking forward to Thursday nights.

Some of my favorite shows this week were Boardwalk Empire; i love everything about that time in history. Gossip Girl this week was so good (this made me happy because i was a little disappointed with its premiere), but what show in Paris with fabulous fashion wouldn't be good. How i met your mother, glee, better with you, modern family, and big bang theory are my top recommendations for anyone to start tivoing and start watching right now. Show I'm most looking forward to next week DEXTER!!!! My boy is finally back and i can not wait for the crazy darkness the show is going to enter into this season.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

So this past weekend i went to Disney with my mom and my four year old nephew and i learned one very important lesson. I don't think I'm ready for kids anytime in the new future. WOW Disney with a four year old is hard! Besides this, Disney with a four year old is truly magical. There is nothing like seeing Disney though a child's eyes, the excitement is big enough to make anyone feel like a kid again. We had a very nice weekend at Walt Disney World's Polynesian Resort, a hotel I've been wanting to stay in for years. It was definitely worth the wait. We did all things a little kid dreams of, the kiddie rides, the character breakfast, swimming in the pool for hours. It was the break i needed from Miami. Here are some pictures i wanted to share.
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