Tuesday, March 30, 2010

where do you go?

I have a serious problem. I lose every single eyeliner and lip gloss that I purchase. Does this happen to anyone else? Please comfort me and tell me this happens to you. It’s just not normal. I use to buy Chanel eye liners at $30 a pop, until I would use them once and then they would magically be sucked into the ground to never be seen again. Where do they go i just don’t get it? Now i buy cover girl eyeliners, i seriously go into CVS and buy about 5 eyeliners and within 2 weeks they are all gone. I put them in my purses and my make up bags hoping they will be there when i need them but they aren’t. They literally unzip themselves out of my purses and walk themselves out of my life. You don’t understand how many times i have been getting ready, doing my makeup, when i realize i cant find not one eyeliner in my room or in any of my purses and I'm pretty sure i just purchased a bundle the week before. I must be dropping them all over Miami because there is really no other explanation for this. Eyeliner to me basically makes your face. Eyeliner, some blush, add lip gloss and you’re good to go. Lip gloss, i have about every single flavor chap stick, but when my lips are chapped and i need that lip gloss i cant find it, its gone, again i need to go to CVS and buy more lip gloss. Why does this happen to me? I know they are somewhere in my room or in my purse or my car but i can’t see them and i can’t find them. They hide from me, or they get sucked up into the ground. I know I’m not the only one this happens to... (at least tell me I’m not).

Monday, March 29, 2010

food is my happiness

The weekend of food. I was lucky enough to try three new restaurants this past weekend, one was not so good, and two were absolutely delicious.

The last Thursday of every month an Indian restaurant, The Indian Palate, in Coral Gables, Florida has a bollywood night. Very very fun, but the food, the food not so good. I love Indian food, I think it’s a culture that really knows how to use flavor and spice. I had never tried a traditional Indian buffet and I must I will most likely not be trying one again. The night though and the experience as a whole was very different from the usual, and very fun. The bollywood theme makes for a great ambiance, there’s a DJ playing hits such as songs from slumdog millionaire, a big movie theatre size projection screen playing bollywood movies, a belly dancer, and a henna artist. The belly dancer was exquisite it was all very entertaining, everything was beautiful. I would like to give this restaurant maybe one more chance, but I will be ordering ala carte no buffet. If you are looking for a very good place to try Indian food for the first time, or for the 100th timego to Guru on Miami Beach.

It does get better, much much better, and that better is Sugarcane. One of the newest hotspots to open in the wynwood Miami area, same neighborhood as Joey's another one of my absolute favorites. But wow sugarcane, the food was amazing. I loved everything I tried, and I tried alot. The menu is mostly made of tapa size plates perfect for sharing and allowing the eater to taste more of what the restaurant has to offer. From palmia tequila cocktails, to the torrejas (french toast desert) I was blown away. Walking into sugarcane and reading the menu was as exciting to me as being 8 years waiting for Santa to come on Christmas morning. You must try it, and you must must get the goat cheese croquettes, and the bacon wrapped dates, my two favorite things that I ate.

I finished the weekend with an exquisite brunch at yet another new wynwood restaurant. Morgan’s, decorated to look at an adorable purple house you would think to see in key west. It is the perfect place for a Sunday brunch. All types of sangrias, red wine, white wine, and rose. Mimosas and bellinis by the pitcher do you really need another reason to try this place. Don’t be discouraged by the wait, I was a party of three and they told us it would be an hour but it was more around 20 minutes. This is not your average greenstreet brunch. This is crab so big it looks like jumbo lobster benedict, cheese plates with the best fig marmalade,  real maple syrup sides of bacon, and light as air french toast drenched with cinnamon sugar butter. Next Sunday go to Morgan’s you can thank me later.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Forget to Remember

I came up with the best blogging idea while i was falling asleep. Now i cant remember it for the life of me. Mental Note: Keep a notebook and pen on my night table so I don’t forget!!! I’m really sad about this :(

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Is St. Patty's even a real holiday? or is it just another excuse for people to go out drinking and get wasted. I’ve never been a huge fan of st. patty's, its not like you know...Halloween! Either way ill probably have a beer at one point tonight.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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Two Things

I am beyond excited that I am going to my very first fashion show tonight!!! Thanks to my very close friend Rebecca we will be attending the Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion Show tonight. Woo Hoo. To make this even better (as if it can get better) Whitney Port, yes Whitney from The City, will be closing the show. Rumor has it that the cameras from The City will be in attendance taping the whole thing. I’m so excited (did i say that already). Yes i watch The City. And let’s get one thing clear its older sister, The Hills, in my opinion went down the drain once LC left but The City. The City is something else. And any girl that has ever dreamed of living in the big city working in fashion can’t help but to watch The City, and pretend/hope that for a second that can be you. My favorite character, and i say character because I’m convinced the show is scripted, is Olivia. How I love Olivia, from her apartment, to her style and composure, to her hair, and to everything she puts on her body. The girl is my obsession. I LOVE HER.


Speaking of OBSESSION, if you love food, and you love to share your love for food and restaurants with others you must watch this past Monday March 8, 2010 episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on the travel channel, titled “obsession”. The show centered on chef's (mostly all with restaurants in NYC) that are obsessed with one item in particular. There was the cheese guy (Picholine, and Artisanal NYC) who made me sooooo hungry its a miracle i did not run to whole foods and buy one of each of their cheeses from the cheese section (a little piece of heaven). Then there was the Fish Guy (ESCA, NYC) who catches his own fish and then serves it. The man is a chef/owner of a very successful NYC restaurant and he’s out there on his boat catching his own fish for his restaurant, so authentic. He also interviews three friends who created a blog together (egullet.com) but with time all separated, and now each has their own respective blog. Their disagreements over lets say the BEST burger in NYC led them to almost kill each other. Really cool to hear the story and hear why they think people HAVE to blog about food. It isn’t just to love food and be happy with it, but you want everyone to know about what you found that you love and you want everyone else to love it too. i understand this feeling.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Cape Cod Room

Recently a friend and I ventured out to try one of Miami's newest restaurants. The Cape Cod Room, New England Dining...at The Bath Club. We made reservations on open table and headed out very excited with our tummy’s rumbling. The bath club is needless to say very beautiful, one of my favorite condo buildings on the beach, especially the mini villas/townhouses in the back on the sand. The restaurant is equally as beautiful. Makes you feel like you are definitely in New England, I’ve never been but I assume that’s what it would look like. You walk in and the aroma of seafood takes over all your senses, then you realize how beautifully it’s designed, the colors are ocean blue and dark brown. One of my FAVORITE color combinations. So I already love it. The manager let us know that our table was not ready and we would need to either wait or go to the bar and order a drink. Normally this would be no problem if the restaurant was full, I would completely understand. But the restaurant was not full it was about 75% empty. There were empty tables everywhere big tables, small tables. I was confused, especially with reservations how does an empty restaurant make you wait.

On a side not, this is one of my biggest pet peeves!!!! I hate restaurants that make you wait over 10-15 minutes with a reservation. This is one of the reasons why I love Joes, and in my opinion why Joe's is so successful, besides of course the super fresh stone crabs. You go to Joe's with the mentally that you will be ordering drinks at the bar or an appetizer because you will be waiting anywhere from an hour to two hours, and if you get called before that time you feel happy and lucky. You don’t feel as though the restaurant is pretentious and making it seem like they are just too busy and/or too good for your business. You know what you are getting yourself into. Unlike it neighbors down the street the prime/devito's family where in my experience a reservation means nothing. No i will not wait an hour with a reservation to eat at your restaurant i don’t care how trendy or how much of a hot spot you are, you’re food isn’t even that good. (It’s true)

Back to Cape Cod Room, once sat I must say the service was EXCELLENT!!!! Our waiter greeted us right away brought us our bottle of wine. Which was a bottle of Muscadet Sevre et Maine, Sur Lie, Domaine des Trois Toits, Vertou, FRANCE. At a very reasonable price of $32, picked of course by my friend Maggie who has a very extensive knowledge of wine, every wine she’s ever picked has been so delicious, so something I would not have thought to order, and so something that goes so perfect with our food. We ordered tons of food, that I will not get into too much, if you are interested in going and want to know what I ate just comment and ill let you know. I will tell you that the most memorable thing we ate, which was absolutely amazing were the lobster rolls. Twin miniature LOBSTER rolls; dressed-to-order Maine lobster salad on griddled brioche. This is listed as an appetizer but large enough to share or large enough for one person as their meal. It was so delicious and mouth watering. I’m very tempted to return just for the lobster roll.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening

I’m i a loser? I ask myself this question because something has changed within myself, especially when it comes to what I like to do with my time or lack of time that I have to myself. The 27th year of my life has more than any other year been a year of change, especially a change in priorities, likes, and dislikes. One example being that I prefer staying home with my tato (the best dog in the world) cuddled in my bed with a full tivo and a full glass of red wine. The red wine doesn’t always have to make an appearance but it more than likely does. I’m sorry but i don’t really want to go partying on a week night...for that matter on the weekends, most of the time, neither. I dont want to sit at some lounge/club/bar/anything to get wasted and talk about the same crap. I want to spend the few hours a day i have doing something i enjoy and that im comfortable doing. The days of going out till 1, 2, 3, 4am are over and there is nothing anyone can do or say to change my mind. Heck, even 12am is too late. I know…I am old. I’m old and i might be a loser but boy do i love it. My boyfriend makes fun of me for watching too much TV, and should i have to apologize? Why? It’s what i like to do. Monday night there was nothing more enjoyable that I would have wanted to do besides what I was doing. I was home with my close friends and family laughing our buts off at Mr. retard bachelor Jake. I loved every single second of it. Sadly there is not even that much time to watch everything i would love to watch. Between work, the gym, cooking and eating dinner, and my social life on the weekends i really don’t even have as much time as i would like. Truthfully i turn on my tivo around 9 or 10pm and only watch until i pass out which lately has been getting earlier and earlier. This must be another sign of old age. I use to stay up way pass 12am now once my eyes see 12am on my blackberry something automatically shuts off inside of me and i have no control over keeping my eyelids open. So sad. Tonight i am very excited for my tv line up, survivor (one of my all time favorites) and the bravo housewives finale and premiere. I hope tato is ready :)
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