Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two Things

I am beyond excited that I am going to my very first fashion show tonight!!! Thanks to my very close friend Rebecca we will be attending the Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion Show tonight. Woo Hoo. To make this even better (as if it can get better) Whitney Port, yes Whitney from The City, will be closing the show. Rumor has it that the cameras from The City will be in attendance taping the whole thing. I’m so excited (did i say that already). Yes i watch The City. And let’s get one thing clear its older sister, The Hills, in my opinion went down the drain once LC left but The City. The City is something else. And any girl that has ever dreamed of living in the big city working in fashion can’t help but to watch The City, and pretend/hope that for a second that can be you. My favorite character, and i say character because I’m convinced the show is scripted, is Olivia. How I love Olivia, from her apartment, to her style and composure, to her hair, and to everything she puts on her body. The girl is my obsession. I LOVE HER.

Speaking of OBSESSION, if you love food, and you love to share your love for food and restaurants with others you must watch this past Monday March 8, 2010 episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on the travel channel, titled “obsession”. The show centered on chef's (mostly all with restaurants in NYC) that are obsessed with one item in particular. There was the cheese guy (Picholine, and Artisanal NYC) who made me sooooo hungry its a miracle i did not run to whole foods and buy one of each of their cheeses from the cheese section (a little piece of heaven). Then there was the Fish Guy (ESCA, NYC) who catches his own fish and then serves it. The man is a chef/owner of a very successful NYC restaurant and he’s out there on his boat catching his own fish for his restaurant, so authentic. He also interviews three friends who created a blog together ( but with time all separated, and now each has their own respective blog. Their disagreements over lets say the BEST burger in NYC led them to almost kill each other. Really cool to hear the story and hear why they think people HAVE to blog about food. It isn’t just to love food and be happy with it, but you want everyone to know about what you found that you love and you want everyone else to love it too. i understand this feeling.

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