Tuesday, March 30, 2010

where do you go?

I have a serious problem. I lose every single eyeliner and lip gloss that I purchase. Does this happen to anyone else? Please comfort me and tell me this happens to you. It’s just not normal. I use to buy Chanel eye liners at $30 a pop, until I would use them once and then they would magically be sucked into the ground to never be seen again. Where do they go i just don’t get it? Now i buy cover girl eyeliners, i seriously go into CVS and buy about 5 eyeliners and within 2 weeks they are all gone. I put them in my purses and my make up bags hoping they will be there when i need them but they aren’t. They literally unzip themselves out of my purses and walk themselves out of my life. You don’t understand how many times i have been getting ready, doing my makeup, when i realize i cant find not one eyeliner in my room or in any of my purses and I'm pretty sure i just purchased a bundle the week before. I must be dropping them all over Miami because there is really no other explanation for this. Eyeliner to me basically makes your face. Eyeliner, some blush, add lip gloss and you’re good to go. Lip gloss, i have about every single flavor chap stick, but when my lips are chapped and i need that lip gloss i cant find it, its gone, again i need to go to CVS and buy more lip gloss. Why does this happen to me? I know they are somewhere in my room or in my purse or my car but i can’t see them and i can’t find them. They hide from me, or they get sucked up into the ground. I know I’m not the only one this happens to... (at least tell me I’m not).

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