Friday, March 5, 2010

Cape Cod Room

Recently a friend and I ventured out to try one of Miami's newest restaurants. The Cape Cod Room, New England The Bath Club. We made reservations on open table and headed out very excited with our tummy’s rumbling. The bath club is needless to say very beautiful, one of my favorite condo buildings on the beach, especially the mini villas/townhouses in the back on the sand. The restaurant is equally as beautiful. Makes you feel like you are definitely in New England, I’ve never been but I assume that’s what it would look like. You walk in and the aroma of seafood takes over all your senses, then you realize how beautifully it’s designed, the colors are ocean blue and dark brown. One of my FAVORITE color combinations. So I already love it. The manager let us know that our table was not ready and we would need to either wait or go to the bar and order a drink. Normally this would be no problem if the restaurant was full, I would completely understand. But the restaurant was not full it was about 75% empty. There were empty tables everywhere big tables, small tables. I was confused, especially with reservations how does an empty restaurant make you wait.

On a side not, this is one of my biggest pet peeves!!!! I hate restaurants that make you wait over 10-15 minutes with a reservation. This is one of the reasons why I love Joes, and in my opinion why Joe's is so successful, besides of course the super fresh stone crabs. You go to Joe's with the mentally that you will be ordering drinks at the bar or an appetizer because you will be waiting anywhere from an hour to two hours, and if you get called before that time you feel happy and lucky. You don’t feel as though the restaurant is pretentious and making it seem like they are just too busy and/or too good for your business. You know what you are getting yourself into. Unlike it neighbors down the street the prime/devito's family where in my experience a reservation means nothing. No i will not wait an hour with a reservation to eat at your restaurant i don’t care how trendy or how much of a hot spot you are, you’re food isn’t even that good. (It’s true)

Back to Cape Cod Room, once sat I must say the service was EXCELLENT!!!! Our waiter greeted us right away brought us our bottle of wine. Which was a bottle of Muscadet Sevre et Maine, Sur Lie, Domaine des Trois Toits, Vertou, FRANCE. At a very reasonable price of $32, picked of course by my friend Maggie who has a very extensive knowledge of wine, every wine she’s ever picked has been so delicious, so something I would not have thought to order, and so something that goes so perfect with our food. We ordered tons of food, that I will not get into too much, if you are interested in going and want to know what I ate just comment and ill let you know. I will tell you that the most memorable thing we ate, which was absolutely amazing were the lobster rolls. Twin miniature LOBSTER rolls; dressed-to-order Maine lobster salad on griddled brioche. This is listed as an appetizer but large enough to share or large enough for one person as their meal. It was so delicious and mouth watering. I’m very tempted to return just for the lobster roll.

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