Wednesday, February 29, 2012

what to wear with floral jeans

You have decided to purchase one of spring’s most popular trends, floral jeans, and now you have no clue how to style them. Here are some ideas to help you figure out what to wear with them. Above are different options of what you can pair with your floral jeans, and if all else fails just throw on a white t shirt and call it a day. The jeans should be the focal point of the outfit but you can still dress them up with fun heels in bright colors and girly necklaces. Keep the bag a solid simple color and voila! You are ready for spring!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 9

Never before have the words "We're going to the fantasy suite!" translated so directly to "We're about to have sex!" I am not the type of person that likes to jump to conclusions but ABC could not have made it more clear... Ben got "lucky" with all three of these girls in Episode 9. Let's not forget though, him and Courtney probably already got the job done when they went swimming naked in the ocean!
Nicki had the first "overnight" date of the episode. The date started with a helicopter ride over the Swiss Alps. WOW, Switzerland is absolutely stunning! They had an adorable little picnic where Nicki reminded Ben (once again) that she was married before, but that she is ready to commit again, and to him. She could see their lives together and the poor girl thought they were the perfect fit. After this they proceeded to dinner. Nicki again told Ben she loved him and he in return gave her the fantasy suite card. Nicki accepted and shared with the viewers that she had been divorced for about a year and half, and she was ready for what was going to "happen" tonight. She also shared she did not want Ben to have any "unanswered questions" about her and their relationship. They then jumped into the hot tub and the cameras left the two alone for the evening. This was probably when Nicki was able to "answer" any of those "questions" that Ben could possibly have had.

Moving on to Lindzi! Just when I thought the adventure, life-endangering stunts were over, Ben decides that him and Lindzi are going to repel down a cliff for their date! Super romantic!! (sarcasm). Why oh why?!?!?! If I was the girl that got the overnight date that consisted of repelling down the side of a cliff, I would seriously think the bachelor was trying to kill me. There is nothing romantic or bonding about that. Nonetheless, Lindzi made it look super cute and held on tight to Ben as they conquered the side of the cliff together. The way she looks at Ben and how her smile widens, makes it pretty obvious this girl is completely smitten by floppy hair, gorilla looking Ben. Why, I will never understand. After the cliff, they take a dip in the most picturesque hot tub I have ever seen in my entire life. Absolutely beautiful and quaint at the same time. (I need to get to Switzerland, and fast.) This is where Lindzi finally starts letting her guard down, saying she is going to try and not be afraid that Ben might hurt her. They changed and headed to a romantic dinner where Lindzi says the words "I am falling in love with you Ben and I want the proposal at the end." I was shocked and had to rewind and watch again when Ben actually said "I love this girl" about Lindzi. Really hoping the spoilers are wrong and he makes the right decision (Lindzi).
Here comes the black widow! Ughhhhhhh! I cannot believe I had to listen to all that garbage that was coming out of Courtney's mouth last night. Some things she said were: I am sorry, I had to attack because I felt threatened, I acted immature. Courtney here is an idea maybe you should call Emily up and apologize for being a bitch and not accepting a perfectly and completely unnecessary apology. Or maybe you can call poor wall flower Jenna and say sorry for stripping in front of Ben when the poor girl was trying to have her first conversation with him. Courtney has to be the person I have hated the most in the history of TV. I cannot wait until this girl gets what is coming her way. I have nothing to even say about her relationship with Ben because the whole thing is an ACT! I don't care to even pretend that any feelings Courtney claims to have are real.
Finally, the best part of the whole episode... EMILY MAYNARD!!!!! Oh how I love me some Emily. Emily and Ali were perfection and I was so happy to see them on the episode. (Ashley is being left out on purpose. I think I have expressed in the past how obnoxious and annoying I think she is.) So very happy for the start of Emily's season as The Bachelorette! It's going to be BANANAS! 
Kacie got a free trip to Switzerland and surprised an unsuspecting Ben by wanting to "talk." I guess the producers didn't think there was enough drama in this episode, so they flew her over to warn Ben one more time of the dangers of Courtney. Come on! This guy is not going to listen to anyone. Can't you people see Courtney has put a spell on him? Stop trying! This is another reason why I REALLY like Lindzi, notice not once has she spoken bad about anyone or tried to compare herself to any of the other girls. She lets her actions do the talking, and she is nice to everyone. Take note future Bachelor contestants.
Rose ceremony time! Lindzi first, looooooooong pause... and Courtney second. Nicki gets sent home in tears. Yep, after she slept with him and everyone knows about it. When Ben said that it wasn't an easy decision for him to send her home and that he "cried a little today," I almost threw something at my tv! What a flipping moron! Next up, the Women Tell All! It has already been taped and according to the rumors, for the first time ever, a girl from the final two will be on it, and that girl is Courtney! I really hope the rest of the girls rip this idiot a new one. Till next Tuesday!

Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend casual

james perse tee. zara tissue scarf (old). forever21 shorts (old). ray ban aviators. louis vuitton handbag. converse sequin sneakers. juicy couture tassel necklace (now on sale) and similar here.
michele watch. bracelets: bexlinx, henri bendel, juicy couture. custom rings by my mom.
nails: essie "absolutely shore" 

I absolutely love when I get to dress this casual, simply because it's just so comfortable. My mom and I had a very delightful Saturday where we woke up early, had coffee, and did some major shopping. My favorite type of Saturday. One big purchase of the day were these current/elliot jeans!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

top three

The inevitable lust for a new handbag comes knocking at my door around every six months. We have all heard this song and dance before. It begins with one flawless picture of the handbag, that leads to hours online viewing photos of the handbag, and then stalking the handbag at local stores until I can figure out a way to get my hands on it. These three beauties are my top three handbags of the moment. I would be happy with any three, actually i would be ecstatic! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Every couple of months (or weeks) I like to refresh my makeup collection. I have been a long time loyal fan of mac cosmetics, but as I have gotten older i am appreciating brands that are more natural looking and just enhance your beauty. Mac sometimes seems way too heavy for my very sensitive and fair skin. For about a year now I have become a huge fan of Stila cosmetics, especially their one step primer. I now cannot even put any makeup on without first applying Stila's one step primer...and yes it makes a huge difference.

Recently, after hearing so many positive things about Benefit's under eye products, I decided to stop by their counter and have a professional help me. I purchased the Ooh La Lift instant under eye brightener and I absolutely love it. Top that with Benefit's boi-ing under eye concealer then apply make up. As a last step, apply Benefit's eye bright stick to the corners of your eye for an instant pick me up or really anywhere that you think needs a little bit of brightening.

Finding the perfect eyeliner has to be my ultimate goal when it comes to beauty products. Trying different eyeliners from all different brands is my number one weakness. I have many different eyeliners from almost every cosmetics brand on the market. I am not a fan of liquid eyeliner. I know everyone says its the best, but it's just not for me. I end up looking like a clown every time I have tried to use it. My biggest complaint about eyeliners is when they smudge, smear, or wear off easily. The bad girl waterproof liner from benefit does none of the above. It goes on perfectly smooth and lasts for hours and hours! I am so happy with it! The professionals at benefit also recommended their newest mascara "They're Real!" Though I am loyal to Cover Girl for mascara, (yes, I prefer it to Dior Show mascara) I purchased the Benefit mascara to give it a try. Not only does their mascara make your lashes extra long, but my favorite thing is that it separates your lashes, no clumps!

Benefit's bluff dust has saved me from embarrassment probably over a thousand times. No, I am not exaggerating. This powder is a miracle! It's super light and you feel as though you don't have anything on at all. Due to my fair, sensitive skin I often get red patches or blush easily. This bluff dust helps conceal all redness, while illuminating your face. For me it's an everyday must. 

Finally, the most classic of them all, Nars Orgasm blush. Do I even need to give an explanation? The perfect pink blush for almost any skin tone. This blush is uber popular and that's because it is the perfect color. I have been using it for years and will most likely continue to use it for years.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 8

"What the *%$@ just happened?" Kacie took the words out of everyone’s mouth last night! We were all left stunned while watching the bachelor. Ben sent home unarguably the fan favorite and crushed us by keeping the venom that is Courtney. Well, Kacie's father was a little scary, and honestly I am glad because someone needed to talk some sense into Ben.

The home town dates took us first to Ocala, Florida where Lindzi introduced Ben to her mother and father. She opened the date by riding in on her horse Devon, all too familiar to her first introduction. Her parents and Ben played an adorable horse racing game before getting to know each other a little better. They then all sat together at the most charming outside living room set up I have ever seen. Drank some wine and shared stories. Lindzi and Ben gave Lindzi's parents the break down of their relationship and how they've been getting to know each other. This is when it was discovered that Lindzi's parents got married in the San Francisco court house where Ben and Lindzi's had their first date. Ben seemed very natural with Lindzi's parents and it seemed as though it was a great meeting and everyone got along perfectly well. 

Next up was Clarksville, Tennessee to visit with Kacie and her family. Kacie opened up the date with a marching band with in the middle twirling the baton. I thought this was so adorable and well planned. A great way to welcome Ben to her hometown, and I am sure it made him feel very special. They had a short heart to heart on the football bleachers. Kacie let Ben know her grandparents are her role models in regards to love and that she can only hope but to find a love like the one they shared. Kacie did warn Ben that her dad was very strict and conservative. From the start I think this worried Ben and he went into meeting her parents very worried about what they would think about him. Well, this only proved to be true because both Kacie's parents seemed to be very disapproving of Ben. In all honestly, I commend Kacie's father for being real and honest and saying he would not give Ben his approval to marry his daughter. If you have seen past seasons of The Bachelor you must know this show never works out, and if you daughter is only 24 years old you too would want to protect her as much as possible. Especially from a guy who was just skinny dipping in the ocean with a crazy manipulator (but I won’t get into that). Probably because of Kacie's disapproving parents she was sent home last night (thankfully, for her sake). I am sure she has been watching the season of the bachelor while it has been airing and is thanking her lucky stars she was sent home before her feelings continued to grow even more for Ben. After seeing everything she’s seen I am sure there is no regret. 

Howdy there cowboy! We are off to Texas to meet the third set of parents. Nicki's hometown date seemed the most fun to me by far. Shopping for cowboy boots and going to an old school cowboy bar! I loved it! It seemed really playful and cute, and it looked like Ben loved it too. Nicki introduced Ben to her parents over a traditional Texan dinner. Ben spoke very highly of Nicki's father stating that he saw a little bit of his own dad in him. Nicki's family though protective of their daughter's heart, was very nice and gracious towards Ben. The date seemed like it went very well, and it definitely did because Nicki was given a rose at the rose ceremony.

Last, but definitely not least, we head to Scottsdale, Arizona to meet the evil one's parents. Courtney's date started with her and Ben immediately meeting her parents. Courtney's mom stated that she is skeptical of her daughter’s supposed feelings for Ben. If her own mother says it, do I even have to say anymore? After the lunch with her parents, Courtney had set up a "surprise" for Ben. First, they had a little picnic set up, and then they went for a walk to see that Courtney had set up a "mock" wedding for them to participate in. I swear this girl can only get away with doing crazy things like this because she is pretty. I guarantee you if an ugly girl had pulled a stunt like this, that guy would have ran away screaming (sorry but true). 

There was then a recap of the four hometown dates with Chris and then the rose ceremony began. Courtney first, Lindzi second, and finally Nicki. Yep, that means no rose for sweetheart Kacie. I loved Kacie and she was probably my favorite of the four that were left. It seems as though Kacie was America’s favorite and everyone really wanted Ben to pick her in the end. It is sad that it won’t be her, but only Ben knows how his heart (or another body part) really feels and he's going to end up with who he feels most strongly about. We can only wait and see if  him and his final pick are actually still together. At this point, I think everyone has a feeling about who he’s going to choose and I honestly wish we could just watch the After the Rose already to know the status of their relationship. I for one could care less to continue seeing Courtney use her “magic” and manipulate this guy like a little puppy. 


Monday, February 20, 2012

cookie monster

The other day a group of us were having lunch in the design district area of Miami. A friend of a friend suggested we walk over to Gigi's for a quick bite of something sweet. This is when I was introduced to the cookie jar and dessert bar at Gigi. As a big fan of coconut, I had the coconut and chocolate chip cookie which was super delicious. The group tried the rocky road cookie it was super fluffy and light. Now when I am in the area I will forever be tempted to pass by Gigi and pick up a quick dessert from their delicious cookie jars.

Friday, February 17, 2012

SMW Miami

 tory burch handbag (sold out) similar, loehmanns necklace similar,
jason wu eyeglasses

This week was Social Media Week and Miami was one of the cities that participated. There were events held and panel discussions all week spread around downtown and Miami beach. Yesterday, I attended three panels in the Adrienne Arsht Center. The Fashion and Beauty Bloggers panel was my favorite for obvious reasons. It was great to hear local Miami bloggers talk, discuss, and answer questions about the future of local bloggers and how they got their blogs to where they are now. It was very inspirational and I very much enjoyed it. Not to mention, I added some local Miami blogs to my reading list which is always a good thing. The panel was moderated by Maria Arguello of and the fashion blog panelists were: Annie Vazquez from The Fashion Poet, Erika Thomas from blah blah blonde, Carmen Ordonez from viva fashion blog, and Lizmarys Duthill from Miss Mean Shoe.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

SMW - Preview

Social Media Week panels all day today. I'll share more pictures and stories later. Hope everyone is having a nice day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

stop and smell the roses

I am so drawn towards floral prints, especially in dresses, that I have to constantly stop myself from buying too much floral. I am going to need an abundance of self-control because it seems as though florals are going to be everywhere this spring. My favorite of all the new floral trends and patterns that are emerging for spring has to be floral denim! I love that all my favorite denim brands are debuting their own floral print but the only problem is that I want all of them. Keep the denim look simple with a neutral top and pumps and be sure to keep the denim as the shining star of the outfit.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Snap! The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 7

Oh Snap! Bam Bam Bam! Was I watching the bachelor last night? Or was that Courtney as the bachelorette? It is pretty clear who is running this season of The Bachelor and that person is Courtney. The black widow strikes again showing us mere mortals how this game is played, because as she’s made very clear she’s playing a game and she intends on "winning". If I learned anything this season from the bachelor it has to be how incredibly dumb men out there are, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day I won’t blame Ben's stupidity on all of mankind. I have to believe not every guy can be as idiotic as Ben. How many times has Courtney threatened Ben? Well two come to mind immediately: 1. If you give Shawntel a rose, I am going home. 2. If you would not have given me a one on one date, I would not have accepted a rose from you. Every time she does give him these ultimatums Ben is so mesmerized by Courtney he actually looks like he might start crying on the spot.

The night started with a one on one date between Ben & Lindzi. Again, this season of the bachelor has gone to the extremes with their dates! Jumping out of a helicopter?!?! Seriously, no thank you. I really like these two together though. It seems they have the most in common and would make the best real life couple. There was also a one on one date with Emily (she went home). How frustrating it must be for a girl like Emily to be sent home and watch Ben keep Courtney around. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for this beautiful, smart young girl. I just hope after watching the show Emily sees how much better she can do than Ben and has forgotten all about him. The last of the one on one dates was with Courtney where she complained about there being no spark and laid some ultimatums down on the table, eventually getting her way. Lastly, a group date between Nicki, Kacie, and Rachel. Kacie and Nicki basically let Ben and Rachel be alone most of the date. It seemed as though they knew they had the parental visits in the bag and they didn’t really care if Ben consoled Rachel's fear of swimming with the sharks. More extreme dates, swimming with the sharks! No thank you!

At this point Emily, Kacie, Nicki, and Rachel have all warned Ben about Courtney and he has decided to keep her around, thus making his own bed. When he's crying on the after the rose special about what a fool Courtney made him look like and how truly evil she seems to be, I am not going to feel sorry for him. You never know though, the complete opposite could be happening right now. Ben & Courtney could be together and be very happy in their relationship, and if that's the case then they truly deserve each other. If they are happily together then I can only hope they stay together for Bachelor franchise sake. Since we know none of them actually do fall in love, stay together, and get married.

We are left with a final four of Kacie, Nicki, Lindzi and Courtney. How Kacie, Nicki, and Lindzi can stick around Ben knowing that he's keeping Courtney is truly beyond me. I would have walked right out of Belize and straight onto a plane if I was on The Bachelor with Ben and Courtney. The next episode is my favorite episode of the whole season, the home town dates. I just love seeing The Bachelor interact with the final four's families. You can tell a lot about a person by seeing them interact with your family, and you can also tell a lot about a person by seeing them with their own family in their natural habitat. It's definitely my favorite date of the whole season and I can’t wait. I am especially excited and very curious to see what type of family a person like Courtney could possibly come from!

I follow the twitter feed while I watch the show and I can not help but think how Ben must feel reading and receiving all these horrible tweets about himself and Courtney. I highly recommend watching and following #thebachelor or #bachelor hash tags. There are some pretty hilarious tweeters out there! Especially @possessionista and @jenniferweiner they make the show much more enjoyable.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

cold front

The cold came to Miami this weekend, and by cold I mean 60s, which is very cold to us Miami natives. This of course made me very happy because I was able to wear some of my winter purchases one last time, such as my suede vest and two tone boots. I wore this to a lovely brunch on the beach at Yardbird, blogged about before here.

Thank you Jenny Martin for taking my photos :)
Looking beautiful in her spike the punch necklace

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