Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16 - Episode 6

I barely stayed up and alert for the bachelor last night. After spending the weekend in Walt Disney World, and coming home to a super bowl party on Sunday night I was in full zombie mode all of Monday. I drank some coffee, put my priorities in order and knew I had to at least try and stay up to watch The Bachelor. No party at the house this week, which honestly made the show almost unbearable to watch, because as everyone knows Ben is my least favorite most hated Bachelor ever on this program. It just wasn't the same with out my friends there laughing, making jokes, and reading @possessionista tweets out loud. Bachelor Monday's will be in full effect next Monday, that's a promise.

Why are there so many outdoorsy dates on this season of The Bachelor? Is the budget running low or something? I’m confused! What happened to the shopping spree dates and the makeovers and all that fun stuff? Nope! Not this season, this season you get dropped of on a deserted island and have to catch your own fish and chop down coconuts! I was honestly confused, I thought maybe by accident I had changed the channel and was all of a sudden watching survivor. Until the moment when out of nowhere Kacey and Ben found a bottle of champagne on a "deserted" island and started drinking - yea I knew I was on the right channel after that happened. Kacey was genuinely nervous about spending "alone" time with Ben, which kind of worries me. Does she realize that if she is the one proposed to at the end she will have to spend a lot of alone time with Ben? Kacey then shares with the viewers that she is going to completely open up on her date, which to her means informing Ben that she was anorexic and bulimic in the past....I knew there was a reason she was so skinny (jk don't kill me), besides the fact that she's 24 years old and her metabolism probably hasn’t caught up with her yet. I guess I just thought she was going to share some type of past relationship drama.

Courtney goes on another group date and all I can think about is those poor other girls that had to go on that date with her! I would hate to be on a group date with Courtney, but HATE! They went on some boat ride and hung out with some tribe, again more gross outdoorsy stuff. They all dressed up like the tribe members, the normal girls leaving on their bathing suits, but not Courtney that girl just loves to be naked! B + C = <3 (yea she’s not a toddler, I promise)! After the tribe encounter the ladies and Ben headed up to the roof top pool area of a hotel. He has one on one conversations with all of them. When it was Jaime and Ben's time Courtney decided that was the perfect time for her to take a dip in the pool. As if Jaime needed any help being awkward around Ben. Oh that Court she really is something special. I was so very very very happy that Lindzi got the rose! Yay! I really like Lindzi and Ben together, especially because Lindzi loves the outdoors and we all know Ben loves his outdoorsy dates! I also think shes great because she has the most adorable dimples ever! I have to wonder...has Courtney ever watched the bachelor before. Since when do girls on this show give the bachelor their room number and ask them to come over later for some one on one time? This girl just doesn’t give a crap about how this shows works, and hey I have to give her props it is working for her! Thank God Ben didn't show up at her hotel room late that night, because that might have been the straw that broke the camels back for me, and I might have just stopped watching this season completely.

To be honest I was pretty bored on Ben's 2 on 1 date with Rachel and Blakeley. Blakeley's "sexual" salsa dancing was horrific and the scrapbook was probably the most desperate thing I have ever seen. I don’t have much to say about this I fast forwarded through most of it. Happy that Rachel got the rose; though I have a feeling she won’t be around for much longer. No one can deny that the front runners here are Courtney, Kacie, Lindzi, and Emily and probably Nicki too, that's clear to see by anyone .

This is Casey boyfriend! Honestly I think he's much cuter than Ben.
What we're you thinking Casey?
Casey S. got sent home because she has a boyfriend back home that she's in love with but he doesn't want to marry her. She wants to change him but she can’t so she decided to go on the Bachelor?!?!? Hmmmm all I have to share about this is the following: Casey wipe your tears and don’t cry I can pretty much promise you Ben doesn’t want to get married (at least not right now). He's not on the bachelor to find true love because if he was he would have gotten rid of Blakeley long time before last night's episode. He would have sent Courtney packing weeks ago and he would have kept Jennifer. Consider yourself lucky you got to go home.
That leaves us with the rose ceremony. After the most awkward "lap dance" and make out tutorial ever Jaime finally gets sent home. She pretty much buried herself with that lap dance and attempt at a kiss. At least she admitted she’s prude. I mean the girl didn’t speak for five episodes and now she can’t shut her mouth and is giving lap dances? What happened to her!?!??!

One more date until the home town dates (my favorite!) Until next Monday in Belize!

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