Friday, February 3, 2012

a few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things that I use almost every single day. I am pretty much a hair product junkie and have tried many different products in all different price ranges. Lately I have become just a tiny bit obsessed with Moroccan Oil. Moroccan Oil hair products have been around for years now, but I just recently got into them. Not only do all these products work great and leave your hair flawless, but the smell alone is intoxicating and I can not get enough. I wish they made bath oil or a bubble bath so I could just soak in the Moroccan Oil smell for hours.  I swear sometimes I spray the hair spray on my hair just so I could smell it all day long.

I have been doing highlights on my hair since freshmen year of college (a long time ago) I think due to this my hair gets way too many knots when I wash it. Nothing detangles my hair like "It's a 10" miracle leave-in! Just a couple sprays makes all the knots disappear. Recently I've switched from Bio-Silk to L'Anza silk therapy, in my opinion L'Anza leaves my hair lighter and still frizz free. Kiehl's Original Musk is a must. The body spray sells out so fast my mom and I buy a few at a time, but the body cream is my absolute favorite. The smell (I know again with the smells) of this product is a manly woodsy scent and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. Not only is the smell delicious but it leaves my skin so smooth and soft. 

Miss Dior Cherie is a new perfume I bought recently. I bought the smallest size because some scents give me headaches and i wasn't sure how I was going to react to it. Well weeks later no headaches and lots of compliments. Miss Dior Cherie is just like the cherry on top of an outfit, it adds that extra touch making me feel all girly, sexy and glamorous.

Lastly but of course not least the latest addition to my ever growing nail polish collection, Essie's "a crewed interest". This pale peach sherbet color is getting me so excited for spring. I hope you all enjoyed a few of my favorite things. I'm going to try and switch up Friday's posts from Three Terrific Things to A few of my favorite things, just because sometimes I have more than three terrific things from the week that I want to share and sometimes I have less. Therefore a few of my favorite things is a much better idea.


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