Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 9

Never before have the words "We're going to the fantasy suite!" translated so directly to "We're about to have sex!" I am not the type of person that likes to jump to conclusions but ABC could not have made it more clear... Ben got "lucky" with all three of these girls in Episode 9. Let's not forget though, him and Courtney probably already got the job done when they went swimming naked in the ocean!
Nicki had the first "overnight" date of the episode. The date started with a helicopter ride over the Swiss Alps. WOW, Switzerland is absolutely stunning! They had an adorable little picnic where Nicki reminded Ben (once again) that she was married before, but that she is ready to commit again, and to him. She could see their lives together and the poor girl thought they were the perfect fit. After this they proceeded to dinner. Nicki again told Ben she loved him and he in return gave her the fantasy suite card. Nicki accepted and shared with the viewers that she had been divorced for about a year and half, and she was ready for what was going to "happen" tonight. She also shared she did not want Ben to have any "unanswered questions" about her and their relationship. They then jumped into the hot tub and the cameras left the two alone for the evening. This was probably when Nicki was able to "answer" any of those "questions" that Ben could possibly have had.

Moving on to Lindzi! Just when I thought the adventure, life-endangering stunts were over, Ben decides that him and Lindzi are going to repel down a cliff for their date! Super romantic!! (sarcasm). Why oh why?!?!?! If I was the girl that got the overnight date that consisted of repelling down the side of a cliff, I would seriously think the bachelor was trying to kill me. There is nothing romantic or bonding about that. Nonetheless, Lindzi made it look super cute and held on tight to Ben as they conquered the side of the cliff together. The way she looks at Ben and how her smile widens, makes it pretty obvious this girl is completely smitten by floppy hair, gorilla looking Ben. Why, I will never understand. After the cliff, they take a dip in the most picturesque hot tub I have ever seen in my entire life. Absolutely beautiful and quaint at the same time. (I need to get to Switzerland, and fast.) This is where Lindzi finally starts letting her guard down, saying she is going to try and not be afraid that Ben might hurt her. They changed and headed to a romantic dinner where Lindzi says the words "I am falling in love with you Ben and I want the proposal at the end." I was shocked and had to rewind and watch again when Ben actually said "I love this girl" about Lindzi. Really hoping the spoilers are wrong and he makes the right decision (Lindzi).
Here comes the black widow! Ughhhhhhh! I cannot believe I had to listen to all that garbage that was coming out of Courtney's mouth last night. Some things she said were: I am sorry, I had to attack because I felt threatened, I acted immature. Courtney here is an idea maybe you should call Emily up and apologize for being a bitch and not accepting a perfectly and completely unnecessary apology. Or maybe you can call poor wall flower Jenna and say sorry for stripping in front of Ben when the poor girl was trying to have her first conversation with him. Courtney has to be the person I have hated the most in the history of TV. I cannot wait until this girl gets what is coming her way. I have nothing to even say about her relationship with Ben because the whole thing is an ACT! I don't care to even pretend that any feelings Courtney claims to have are real.
Finally, the best part of the whole episode... EMILY MAYNARD!!!!! Oh how I love me some Emily. Emily and Ali were perfection and I was so happy to see them on the episode. (Ashley is being left out on purpose. I think I have expressed in the past how obnoxious and annoying I think she is.) So very happy for the start of Emily's season as The Bachelorette! It's going to be BANANAS! 
Kacie got a free trip to Switzerland and surprised an unsuspecting Ben by wanting to "talk." I guess the producers didn't think there was enough drama in this episode, so they flew her over to warn Ben one more time of the dangers of Courtney. Come on! This guy is not going to listen to anyone. Can't you people see Courtney has put a spell on him? Stop trying! This is another reason why I REALLY like Lindzi, notice not once has she spoken bad about anyone or tried to compare herself to any of the other girls. She lets her actions do the talking, and she is nice to everyone. Take note future Bachelor contestants.
Rose ceremony time! Lindzi first, looooooooong pause... and Courtney second. Nicki gets sent home in tears. Yep, after she slept with him and everyone knows about it. When Ben said that it wasn't an easy decision for him to send her home and that he "cried a little today," I almost threw something at my tv! What a flipping moron! Next up, the Women Tell All! It has already been taped and according to the rumors, for the first time ever, a girl from the final two will be on it, and that girl is Courtney! I really hope the rest of the girls rip this idiot a new one. Till next Tuesday!

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