Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Snap! The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 7

Oh Snap! Bam Bam Bam! Was I watching the bachelor last night? Or was that Courtney as the bachelorette? It is pretty clear who is running this season of The Bachelor and that person is Courtney. The black widow strikes again showing us mere mortals how this game is played, because as she’s made very clear she’s playing a game and she intends on "winning". If I learned anything this season from the bachelor it has to be how incredibly dumb men out there are, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day I won’t blame Ben's stupidity on all of mankind. I have to believe not every guy can be as idiotic as Ben. How many times has Courtney threatened Ben? Well two come to mind immediately: 1. If you give Shawntel a rose, I am going home. 2. If you would not have given me a one on one date, I would not have accepted a rose from you. Every time she does give him these ultimatums Ben is so mesmerized by Courtney he actually looks like he might start crying on the spot.

The night started with a one on one date between Ben & Lindzi. Again, this season of the bachelor has gone to the extremes with their dates! Jumping out of a helicopter?!?! Seriously, no thank you. I really like these two together though. It seems they have the most in common and would make the best real life couple. There was also a one on one date with Emily (she went home). How frustrating it must be for a girl like Emily to be sent home and watch Ben keep Courtney around. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for this beautiful, smart young girl. I just hope after watching the show Emily sees how much better she can do than Ben and has forgotten all about him. The last of the one on one dates was with Courtney where she complained about there being no spark and laid some ultimatums down on the table, eventually getting her way. Lastly, a group date between Nicki, Kacie, and Rachel. Kacie and Nicki basically let Ben and Rachel be alone most of the date. It seemed as though they knew they had the parental visits in the bag and they didn’t really care if Ben consoled Rachel's fear of swimming with the sharks. More extreme dates, swimming with the sharks! No thank you!

At this point Emily, Kacie, Nicki, and Rachel have all warned Ben about Courtney and he has decided to keep her around, thus making his own bed. When he's crying on the after the rose special about what a fool Courtney made him look like and how truly evil she seems to be, I am not going to feel sorry for him. You never know though, the complete opposite could be happening right now. Ben & Courtney could be together and be very happy in their relationship, and if that's the case then they truly deserve each other. If they are happily together then I can only hope they stay together for Bachelor franchise sake. Since we know none of them actually do fall in love, stay together, and get married.

We are left with a final four of Kacie, Nicki, Lindzi and Courtney. How Kacie, Nicki, and Lindzi can stick around Ben knowing that he's keeping Courtney is truly beyond me. I would have walked right out of Belize and straight onto a plane if I was on The Bachelor with Ben and Courtney. The next episode is my favorite episode of the whole season, the home town dates. I just love seeing The Bachelor interact with the final four's families. You can tell a lot about a person by seeing them interact with your family, and you can also tell a lot about a person by seeing them with their own family in their natural habitat. It's definitely my favorite date of the whole season and I can’t wait. I am especially excited and very curious to see what type of family a person like Courtney could possibly come from!

I follow the twitter feed while I watch the show and I can not help but think how Ben must feel reading and receiving all these horrible tweets about himself and Courtney. I highly recommend watching and following #thebachelor or #bachelor hash tags. There are some pretty hilarious tweeters out there! Especially @possessionista and @jenniferweiner they make the show much more enjoyable.

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