Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Song is You

Music. Think about where you would be if there was no music. How would you celebrate, how would you deal with your emotions, how would you get crazy and party, how would you fall in love? Sometimes when I hear specific songs I get this feeling down in my core to my gut that the song had to have been written for me and for what I am dealing with at that exact moment. I find it so fascinating that a different genre of music a different artist can change your whole entire mood and attitude. Music can transform you and move you to different times of your life, i know that certain songs for me take me back to specific moments and they will always hold their special place. I have to believe that everyone has felt this before, that powerful feeling that you cant help but just relive when you hear that special song. My all time favorite of course being Frank Sinatra I love every single song, but some in specific touch me so emotionally that unless you feel it, I don’t think it can be described to you. There’s music for falling in love, music for breaking up, and music for partying and letting go forgetting about everything. To say that you are only a fan of one or two specific genres to me is just depriving yourself of everything that can be good in music and life. Open yourself up listen to everything the old classics, the songs that everyone knows, and the ones that maybe only you and a couple of your friends know. Music has saved me so many times I just wanted to say thank you, i am grateful to have you in my life.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Ultimate Holiday Wishes

7. birthstone ring

1. I love wearing men's/unisex fragrances.

2. nothing sexier than christian louboutins

DSQUARED2 Chloecelin Long Dress
3. long formal dress 

Deepa Gurnani Rhinestone Double Bow Headband
4. crystal hair bow

Sahara Deco Air Jacket by Rachel Pally
5. luxe iphone case

6. yes i still want this purse...how many months later!

Italy Vacation Tours
8. Italian Getaway

1.)Bleu by Chanel $59.00 - $79.00 saks.com
2.)Christian Louboutin Larissa Plato Suede Sandals $1,495.00 saks.com
3.)DSQUARED2 Choecelin Long Dress $1,135.00 shopbop.com
4.)Deepa Gurnani Rhinestone Double Bow Headband $84.00 shopbop.com
5.)Sahara Deco Air Jacket by Rachel Pally $54.95 powersupportusa.com
6.) Alexander Wang Rocco Purse $875.00 barneys.com
7.) Ruby Ring no price listed harrywinston.com
8.) http://www.touritalynow.com/

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

too marvelous for words

There are certain chefs that you know if you eat in one of their restaurants you are going to have an extraordinary meal. This causes me to search for their restaurants and locations every time im traveling to a new city. There are a couple of chefs that I do this with one favorite being Thomas Keller, owner of French Laundry (Napa), Bouchon (Vegas), Per Se (nyc), to name a few, all recommended by Anthony Bourdain (and i trust his opinion). Then there are the typical food network chefs such as bobby flay, emeril, and mario batali, which i have tried and can recomend all. But there is one chef/restaurateur right now that I am very excited about and his name is Daniel Boulud. November 16  Miami is going to be hit with the be the opening of Mr. Boulud's newest restaurants DB Bistro Moderne. If its anything like the two of his other restaurants that I have had the pleasure of eating at DBGB in nyc and DB Brassiere at the Wynn in las vegas, im pretty sure its going to become my next new favorite restaurant in my home town. If you love good food look him up and the next time that you’re in a city that has one of his restaurants go check it out, there is really nothing to loose (except $100-$300) hey! no one ever said good food was cheap. As for me, im saving up my money and im counting the days until I can enjoy my first meal at DB Bistro Moderne. Be sure to stay tuned for detailed post of what I ate.

I Couldn't Care Less

Ever since the weather in Miami has cooled down a little I can’t help but be in a more positive mood. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s all the good things that have been going on in my life, whichever of the two I'm not complaining because I've been very happy about it. I know I have my friends, my support team known as YOLO and others, to thank for this. Lately, it’s been the little things. Such as a picnic in the park, my favorite song playing on the radio when I turn my car on, relaxing, and just being happy. I’ve realized that in order to just let go and be happy you really need to stop caring about alot of the bullshit that goes on in every day to day life. Just let go, who cares?!??! In the words of one of my YOLO team members, "I don't care" "let me live the life I want". If you accept these words and truly start to live by them everyday you will see how much more free you will feel. So I've been a little busy and that's why I haven't written lately. Living life and having a little bit too much fun, being also not sure what I should and should not share with the blog world. But, I have the feeling the posts might start becoming a little bit more personal from here on out.
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