Tuesday, November 9, 2010

too marvelous for words

There are certain chefs that you know if you eat in one of their restaurants you are going to have an extraordinary meal. This causes me to search for their restaurants and locations every time im traveling to a new city. There are a couple of chefs that I do this with one favorite being Thomas Keller, owner of French Laundry (Napa), Bouchon (Vegas), Per Se (nyc), to name a few, all recommended by Anthony Bourdain (and i trust his opinion). Then there are the typical food network chefs such as bobby flay, emeril, and mario batali, which i have tried and can recomend all. But there is one chef/restaurateur right now that I am very excited about and his name is Daniel Boulud. November 16  Miami is going to be hit with the be the opening of Mr. Boulud's newest restaurants DB Bistro Moderne. If its anything like the two of his other restaurants that I have had the pleasure of eating at DBGB in nyc and DB Brassiere at the Wynn in las vegas, im pretty sure its going to become my next new favorite restaurant in my home town. If you love good food look him up and the next time that you’re in a city that has one of his restaurants go check it out, there is really nothing to loose (except $100-$300) hey! no one ever said good food was cheap. As for me, im saving up my money and im counting the days until I can enjoy my first meal at DB Bistro Moderne. Be sure to stay tuned for detailed post of what I ate.

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