Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh! Food!

There's people that eat because they are hungry, there's people that eat solely to survive, some eat very little types of foods and don’t ever expand their taste buds, some eat protein based diets to change their bodies, and some of us eat because we absolutely love food more than any of the other types of people  listed could ever understand. Food is one of my loves, one of my vices, one of my guilty pleasures that I struggle with daily. If it wasn’t for wanting to be skinny and enjoy summers wearing a bikini in Miami, I would be the biggest fatty (brutal honesty). Sometimes I let go of my inhibitions, my self restrictions, and during these times I say "to hell with it" and just eat whatever I desire at that moment. When I engage in this type of behavior it’s most likely on the weekend, and it’s going to be special. I’m going all out, I'm going to my one of my favorite restaurants and I’m doing it big.

Unfortunately I can not live every day like this. I pay for my love for food with 3 to 5 times a week visits to the gym, and eating cantina (food delivery service) during the week, just so that I can be able to indulge come Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. Since last June, I have been on and off ordering this healthy food delivery service called fat busters. At the beginning I loved it. I thought it was so delicious, and such a good way to keep yourself controlled. I would order it for a month then take a week off, then start the cycle again. After almost a year of eating the same food delivery service everything basically starts to taste the same, no matter how many different options are offered. Tomorrow I’m starting a new one, its called Fit2Go. I am very excited and looking forward to trying something new. I ordered it every day for the rest of the week, and on Friday I will update with what I thought and how it compares to fat busters.
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