Thursday, April 21, 2011

Change Partners

It’s the weekend and you want to go out to a nice dinner. You start thinking hmmm where do I want to go and you throw out the usual suggestions. For me it goes something like this: let’s go to greenstreet, or Houston’s (I know its hillstone now, still Houston’s to me), grazianos, town, the sushi bar. All of us get into these ruts where we repeat the same restaurants over and over again. I know...they are true and trusted good solid choices, I do the same thing but it’s good to change it up and try new things. A couple months ago I started making lists. One being Miami Food, restaurants that friends tell me about, I read about online, or I watch a show about. Then the next time I'm going out to dinner I refer to my list and try a new place. Its hard being put on the spot to pick a place, and most times I blank out, so the list helps immensely. Trust me. The list started evolving and now I have multiple ones, NYC Food so the next time I go to NYC I'm not a crazy person asking for suggestions or doing research for a great restaurant. I also have a dream one....PARIS Food, that’s a good one Anthony Bourdain helped out on that one, a girl can dream can't she?  

Must try Miami Restaurants, like drop what you are doing right now and make a reservation for this weekend if you haven't been yet.

Zuma (Pork Belly to die for)
Sugarcane (goat cheese corquettes & Octopus)
Michi's (best oysters)
Michaels (everything, breakfast pizza)
Joey's (Dolce e Piccante Pizza: figs, gorgonzola cheese, honey and hot pepper)
Gigi (steamed pork buns)

Some from My Miami Food to do list  (really really want to try these restaurants, like I'm going to this weekend)

Red Light
Andiamo Pizza
DB Bistro Moderne

Enjoy :)

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  1. Have you seen this site?
    Might help you get more ideas. I dont use it much bc everything over here is BBQ... I live in hicks-ville... ugh.


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