Friday, April 8, 2011

I Fall in Love too Easily

The Quest for the perfect handbag. When i get something in my head i can not stop thinking about it. It truly becomes obsession. I obsess and obsess and obsess, until finally i find the perfect thing that I'm looking for. When it comes to handbags this is more true than ever. I would say i purchase a handbag about maybe 2 or 3 times a year, meaning a nice handbag, probably a designer one. Us girls know what a costly obsession this can be, but I'm sorry i cant help it. Its what i love. This week has been an endless search for the perfect bag. It needs to be the perfect size to fit an ipad, a kindle, a bottle of water, makeup bag, wallet, and some other random necessities i would throw in there. It needs to be stylish, pretty, and comfortable enough to travel with but also use the whole weekend while I'm traveling as my main handbag.

So the search begins and it normally begins online....visiting all my go to websites writing down price, color, size. Then going to blogs/forums reading reviews, going on youtube watching reviews (i know its sick). Even then all this is not enough i need to see the bag in person. i need to touch the leather, carry it, test it out make sure it fits my needs. So then come the store visits (the people that work at these places must seriously think im crazy). Finally yesterday as im walking around the purse department at Neiman's (after the gym, don't get a gym membership in a mall with department stores like neimans & nordstroms never a good idea, mental note for the future) i spotted the most beautiful Alexander Wang tote. OMG it was love at first site! Now i cant get this baby out of my mind. i need it, i will die without it, how can i get it, the constant thoughts wont stop until i make it mine, I know I've headed down this road before.

Coach Kristin Elevated Leather Sage Round Satchel at Coach $698
In person this bag does not look nearly as good as it does in the pictures, which for me was a huge disappointment, it just looks cheaply. and the material dirties very easily.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca $528
This bag was O.K. in person, something about it just didn't have that WOW factor for me, i am looking for a large carry-all to hold all my necessities but this bag was maybe just a little bit too big.

Mulberry Oversized Alexa leather bag $1,250
Unfortunately, i have not been able to see this beauty in person!!! This bag was almost the winner, it is beyond beautiful to me. The effortless chic ness about it. Its a cool bag, without even trying to be. I called Saks on my search to play with the Alexa in person, and the purse department employee  informed me no store in Miami carries mulberry, solely the Webster in Miami Beach. He also informed me that these bags are dyed with vegetable dye, and if rain drops on them it stains the leather. no no no good. i was very sad....moving on.
large product image

CC SKYE Onie $595
This bag to me has the same feel as the Alexa with the top handle, but honestly i don't know, i don't necessarily love it enough to try and find it in person. Maybe its just too tomboyish for me. I saw a picture of Olivia Palermo (the girl that can do NO wrong) strolling around NYC with it and i fell in love, but then it quickly faded. CC Skye 'Motorcycle Chic - Onie' Leather Crossbody Bag

Alexander Wang Emile $975
I fell in love with this baby in person vs. online. I think this is because the pictures of this bag do it absolutely no justice, in person this bag is simply perfection. This is my front runner right now, but i will not be making any sudden purchases just yet (i have taxes to pay!!! dammit!!!) but if i was it would probably be this handbag that takes the cake!

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due:


  1. Actually, it's not sick. I'm really impressed by your research! You're making a big purchase and you want to be thoroughly informed about your options. That's way better than having an impulse buy that costs a fortune and ends up being a waste. Good for you! Being financially AND fashionably savvy!

  2. Nicole!!!! Hiiiiiiii, thank you so much for reading and your comment! It means so much so much to me :) how are you? You're family is beautiful I'm so happy for you, sending my love xoxo

  3. we did good yesterday with the alexander !!! great purchase/deal !!


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