Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snip Bits

I love a night of nothing to do besides sitting on my bed with every magazine subscription that I’ve gotten in the mail that month and a good pair of scissors. I have subscriptions to people style, lucky, instyle, glamour, elle, usweekly, travel + leisure, Martha Stewart living, and food + wine, I know that's a lot of magazine reading! I’m normally running around like a chicken with her head cut off: work, gym, dinner, (some tivo, its becoming less and less everyday), sleep, and then repeat the next day. Those rare nights that I skip the gym, or I don’t have to cook, or dash off to some outing I take advantage of the big pile of magazines that has been accumulating through out the month. For some reason I don’t like reading one magazine at a time, I like to save them so I can read/attack them all together, one after the other. Its funny how this small activity can be a stress reliever, just an opportunity for the mind to unwind and do a simply pleasurable thing. I always snip out my favorite things or really anything that catches my eye like, clothes, shoes, new facial stuff, recipes, bottles of wine I want to buy, new destinations I want to travel to, and then I store all the little snip bits. Is there anyone out there that does this also? (please say yes)

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