Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall TV

We are half way done with the first week of premiere week for fall TV, and I am excited! New fall programming is just another reason why I love this season so very much. My tivo is full and I’ve scheduled every night this week to do absolutely nothing but watch all the new shows, and returning favorites. Tonight is the long awaited premiere of the show I am most looking forward to this fall and that is Revenge. Out of all the promos and previews that have been airing these last couple of weeks Revenge is definitely the one that stood out to me the most. Good job advertisers, good job! The music, mixed with the location (the Hamptons), the plot, and every other guilty pleasure is basically everything I love about a good show mixed into one. I have high hopes for this show and I hope I'm not disappointed tonight.

New Fall TV on my watch list:
Secret Circle (Thurs. CW): - Pretty Little Liars is over for now, but no crying because I tuned into the Secret Circle and I am happy to say it will be filling up the whole left behind by the little liars. It has the mystery and lies of PLL plus something even better added in MAGIC!
Ringer (Tues. CW): I love Sarah Michelle Gellar; she started my love affair / obsession with vampires so of course I’m watching the twin thriller.
2 Broke Girls (Mon. CBS): I was literally laughing out loud while watching this. I made it a season pass on my tivo and ill be watching to see if these girls can reach their goal of $250,000 and open up their cupcake shop, here’s hoping they can!
Playboy Club (Mon. NBC): As a huge fan of Mad Men I wasn’t sure if playboy club was going to live up to time era drama but I have to say it impressed me. It has multiple but all interesting story lines, and the cast sure is pretty to watch.
New Girl (Mon. CBS): Who cant relate to being dumped and watching your favorite movie over and over again until there are no more tears left? I could only wish I had three best male friends to help me through the process, not every girl is that lucky. So far this is probably my favorite new show; Zooey Deschanel is absolutely perfect in this.
Revenge (Wed. ABC) & Pan AM (Sun. ABC) &
Terra Nova (Mon. FOX) & Once Upon a Time (Sun. ABC): will update once they air.

Returning Favorites:
How I met your mother (Mon. CBS): please Ted just tell us who she is already!!!
Glee (Tues. FOX): Your last chance to win Nationals, it better happen.
Criminal Minds (Wed. CBS): I've been sleeping way too sound fully over the summer, time to bring the nightmares back criminal minds.
Modern Family (Wed. ABC): Sofia Vergara is flawless, and the rest of the cast cheers up my Wednesday nights in a way that only they can.
Big Bang Theory (Thurs. CBS): I am secretly in love with Jim Parsons. Ok, maybe not so secretly. I loved this show since the first episode and I’m so happy it's now getting all the recognition it has deserved from day one! Penny. Penny. Penny. (hahaha)
Gossip Girl (Mon. CW): I’ve missed B & S way too much, and also I would love the help with my fall wardrobe. No show inspires when it comes to fashion as much as Gossip Girl does.
Happy Endings (Wed. ABC): Just see here -
Walking Dead (Sun. AMC): the zombiessssssss are coming!!!!!! and I couldn’t be happier about it, except for the fact that I seriously can NOT sleep after I watch the walking dead.
Dexter (Sun. SHOWTIME): YES!!!!! The final fall premiere making us wait all the way until October 16 but the wait is worth every single second. This season is going to be all about faith and what you believe in. Will Dexter finally completely loose it and cross over to the dark side? We will wait and see...

I found this calendar from very helpful for keeping track of what’s on what night and what network!


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