Friday, September 30, 2011

Three Terrific Things

Floral Inspiration


This weekend it's all about the simple things. The premiere of Season 6 of Dexter, a beautiful baby shower by the water with family, and simply relaxing. For some reason I feel like Dexter has been off the air FOREVER so I am super thrilled for Sunday. Tonight I will be staying in while making flower arrangements which I'm surprisingly ok with. Truthfully I'm more than ok, I'm pretty excited about it, I love flowers. Happy October 1st, this Saturday we will officially be in my favorite month of the whole entire year, so I'm sure there are only good things to come. Enjoy your weekend.

My Post from exactly one year ago where i shared all the reasons why I love october so much:

Season 6 Premiere of Dexter this Sunday on Showtime



  1. Love Dexter... but are you going to blog about it? Because I don't get showtime, so I might skip over all your posts about it... don't want any spoilers! LOL.
    Enjoy the flower arranging!


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