Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Austin Chronicles

yeehaw cowboy

I love Austin restaurant and store signs.

It is so nice to be back home, but there are so many things I already miss about Austin. There's nothing like having my puppy back, sleeping in my bed, and watching my tivo, but browsing through my Austin photos makes me a little sad that my vacation is over. Today I share with you the memories of my favorite moments from my trip. These are the times that really stood out and that I would like to share the most. Until next time I have these memories to remind me of the perfect weekend.

finally finding cafecito patron!!!

kung fu bar has FREE arcade games!
Austin is the perfect place to go to on  budget or even with hardly no money at all.
 SUPER affordable to us Miami people.

I had to play a round and I made it in the "50" whole twice!
I learned  I'm super good at Skee Ball after cafecito shots.
james perse top. zara skirt. american apparel clutch.

Welcome To Austin City Limits


patterson j. kincaid top. f21 jean shorts. keds sneakers. ray ban aviators.

random girl rocking highlighter shades. leopard shorts. ankle wrap flats. and turquoise necklaces - LOVE


The Best Wurst -Austin Food Truck- So Good. 
Bratwurst w/ sauerkraut & spicy mustard. New York Boiled Salted Potatoes.

 Kanye West AKA "God"! The reaction to Kanye from the 50,000 + person crowd was unlike anything i have ever experienced. He pour his whole entire body into that performance. It was definitely one if not the most incredible live performance I have ever seen in my life. He played straight for about two hours, including hits such as all of the lights, it all falls down, goldigga, love lockdown, higher, monster, even a teaser from watch the throne - show me why you deserve to have it all.
Even more excited to see him and JayZ in the AAA! #WTT

 I could not leave the UT campus without visiting my Sorority! Alpha Xi Delta <3

 madewell hat & blouse. f21 linen shorts. urban outfitter bag. steve madden flats.

 The Capital.

 One last thing ya'll when ya'll in the capital of Texas
ain't no way ya'll going home without ridin' a bull!


  1. Nice photos.
    Just learned this. The building itself is The Capitol. The city is The Capital. Glad you enjoyed Austin and The Best Wurst.


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