Friday, July 8, 2011

Three Terrific Things

My beautiful rose gold, diamond, and ruby earrings that my amazing mom surprised me with on my birthday! I was completely surprised and was truly not expecting anything. The ruby represents my birthstone for the month of July. These will be on my ears for a long long time.
This cheerful, flowerily, colorful ipad smart back cover I found on eBay for only $13.99. I spent days looking for a cheerful ipad back cover and was very tempted to fork over $150 for the beautiful dannijo covers on shopbop (but in reality I would NEVER pay $150 for an ipad cover) thankfully the dannijo covers have not been made yet for the ipad2, so the temptation faded, and I found this one on eBay.

Yesterday started one of my all time favorite reality shows, and summer guilty pleasure Big Brother!!! This season we meet eight new cast members who are living and competing with 3 couples made up of 6 previous constantans. I’m so happy to see my all time favorites Dick & Danielle are back, I also enjoy watching Rachel and Brendan, as for Jordan and Jeff I didn’t watch their season. Jordan seems a little dense to me but she must be smart if she won her season. The best part about big brother is that it’s on three times a week, Wednesday at 8pm, Thursdays at 9pm, and Sundays 8pm. It’s also on every night if you subscribe to Showtime, on big brother after dark.



  1. OMG, those earrings are GORGEOUS! Lucky girl!

  2. THE EARINGS ARE STUNNING!! Ur momma has great taste!!!

  3. thank you! im very grateful and i love them :)


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