Friday, July 22, 2011

Three Terrific Things

Yes, I am a Britney Fan! After loving and listening to Britney for what seems like half my life tonight i finally get to see her live! So excited :)

The boys are back in town!!! Finally the last and final season of Entourage starts this Sunday at 10:30pm on HBO. I've missed my boys so much. Do Eric and Sloan finally get married? Did Vince get clean? What's happened to Ari's marriage? All will be answer this weekend. I have had a ginormous crush on Adrian Grenier since entourage started. I even went to mansion one night in the middle of a hurricane years ago to watch his band The Honey Brothers perform (and they didn't show up). Adrian is about to be out because my boy turtle is quickly replacing that school girl crush because turtle is looking good!!!   Jamie-Lynn go get your man back!

I seriously need to finish this trilogy! I read the first two books in a week and a half, but I've been taking extra long with the finale to the trilogy, Mockingjay. I just really don't want it to end. According to my kindle I'm 76% finished and i am determined to complete this book by the time the weekend is over. After I'm done I foresee myself going into depression, because right now its not looking too good for peeta and katniss. I can only hope peeta doesn't let me down and break my heart in the end.

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