Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cheek to Cheek (II)

Before your pretty little face hits the pillow and you go to dreamland:

This Kiehl's product is one of my absolute favorites. Its the first of a couple other products i put on before i go to sleep. Dabbing it under and around my eyes. One tube will last for a long long time, because you really only need a little bit. In my opinion it is the best eye cream out there, or at least that i have tried.

This delicious serum works as a recovery for any damage your skin gets put through on a day to day basis. Once you lather this on your face you can feel your pours soaking it up. As a test put some on your hands and you will notice how much softer it makes your hands feel, imagine what its doing to your face.

After the eyes, and the serum are good and set, you need a moisturizer to complete the trifecta. I know another Kiehl's product, I've been using Kiehl's for years, and i have alternated with other brands, but for me i just see and feel the best results from Kiehl's. This cream is so thick and so luxurious its delightful. The same with all their products, a little bit goes along way. So dab a little all over you face and call it a night.

This chap stick is so cheap and so efficient. If my lips are chapped at night sometimes right before falling asleep i will use this and in the morning my lips are soft and beautiful.

Using all these products together you will definitely wake up, look in the mirror, and see a softer looking, dewy, rejuvenated face. Its never too early to start taking of your skin, the faster you start the better the results will be in the future. 

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