Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cheek to Cheek (I)

Before you leave your house in the morning and expose your face to any sun:

This serum is comparable to many high end products and has been a number one seller for many years. You apply it around and under the eyes, laugh lines, and forehead. This is done before adding any moisturizer to your face. I just started using this, what i love most about it is how light it is and how dewy is makes your face feel and look

Next Step is moisturizer. For everyday use when I'm going to spend most of my time in an office i love oil of olay total effects. It comes built in already with SPF 15. It also feels very light, which i love because if you are putting make up on top of it, it doesnt leave you with that cakey look. If you are spending more time outside i recommend a higher SPF.

 If you had a particularly long night, and maybe even some glasses of wine, i recommend also using this product under and around your eyes. If dramatically decreases puffiness and redness. A little bit goes a long way! 

Who doesn't want beautiful glossy kissable lips. Recently a new fan of Korres lip butter, thanks to Emily from cupcakes & cashmere. The price is a little high for lip gloss at around $14 a tube but it makes your lips feel so smooth and silky. I'm now addicted. I opted for the color Jasmine which is a soft pale pink.

For the next couple days i will sharing what beauty products i use on a daily basis. Not make-up more facial moisturizer, facial cleaners, and so on. Today you read about the products i use every morning before i leave my house. Of course after you apply your serum and moisturizer feel free to add any make-up you would like. Tomorrow stay tuned for the products that essential right before bed time.  

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