Wednesday, July 27, 2011

After the Rose - Bachelorette Season 7 Episode 9

Yes I know I'm late for the bachelorette after thoughts this week. Unfortunately I have been very sick these past couple days. I saw Monday's episode in a haze due to all the medicine I was taking, which actually made the show a little bit more bearable than just wine. All of yesterday I was in a day quill/aleve/sinus medicine induced coma, in and out of consciousness for the majority of the day. Today I am better, not 100% but better. Good enough I think to be able to put some thoughts and sentences together, well we'll see.

All yours: Ashley took JP to a private island via water plane for their date
I honestly still can not believe that Ashley is the bachelorette. I'm so profoundly confused about this decision, like really? There was no one else for the job? Whatever I may to have to say about Ashley one thing is for sure, Ashley has broken a bachelorette/bachelor record. She had not one, not two, but three guys walk out on her. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think ever in the show's history has a bachelor or a bachelorette had three people walk out on them. Poor Ashley. I especially loved when she was explaining to JP that Constantine was no longer on the show and she said “WE” decided it was for the best if he left. There was no “WE” in the decision making, I don’t know what Ashley was talking about, but from what we saw he flat out told her this was the end of the road and he left. Ashley must be a very confused young lady. This proves to show that just because you live in daisy duke jean shorts, tight short dresses, and belly/back bearing t-shirts you are not going to get the guy. (stop dressing like TPT please) Ashley’s choice of outfits and clothing is a whole other topic I can not even deal with right now. I'll just say my style and her style are totally different so it’s hard for me to get her.

The whole episode I found myself just waiting for Ashley's time with JP. Her time with all of the other men don’t even seem real or sincere to me, just put on for the premise of the show. I do however think that JP is really sincerely into Ashley and thank god, because out of the 25 men that went on the show one of them had to be. The return of Ryan seemed so fake and staged to me, immediately I thought ABC made this whole scenario up so that Ryan could possibly be seen as a future Bachelor. Hopefully ABC read all the tweets that I read and realized that this really backfired on them. Instead Ryan came off as extremely creepy and stalker-ish. In case you want to know, my vote for next bachelor is still Mickey McLean. This season is ending rather quickly, due to the fact that ABC is dying to air the sure to be drama filled bachelor pad 2. We will have two back to back nights of bachelorette fun starting on Sunday night with the Men tell all, and then Monday night with the finale of the bachelorette and I assume the after the rose right after the show.

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  1. ooh i didn't realize there was an episode on Sunday. AAHH! And I CAN'T STAND HOW SHE DRESSES!!! But I always wonder if the Bachelorettes get a stylist? Bc I don't think i have that many fancy dresses hanging in my closet. But she's is always showing skin somewhere.. not very classy. And I'M IN LOVE WITH MIKE!! I liked Ryan at first, I thought he was super cute, but he's coming off as SUPER DESPERATE...which is not very attractive! BLAH! Poor JP, I think he's too cute, too good and too nice for her.


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