Friday, August 26, 2011

Three Terrific Things

Happy Friday everyone! Has this week felt as long for everyone as it's felt for me? So Happy its over! Sometimes it really is the small things. These three things though small have me looking forward to the future and using them, especially since they are all big trends for fall! Which I'm still patiently waiting for...Fall? is that you? Enjoy your weekend, its the last one of the month so make it count!

I have been looking for affordable stackable rings for quite some time now. I saw these on shopbop and instantly fell in look with them. Mostly because they are in my "must have everything made that color" right now, rose gold. Then when i realized they were on sale at 50% off I did a little happy dance. I also love the angular edges of the three stacking rings. oh lala. These can be found here:


Shades of burnt oranges and blue teals are all I'm craving for fall nails. I guess I'm right on point because refinery29 seems to agree ( I will definitely be using one of these two colors this weekend when i get my weekly manicure, now if i can only decide which one it will be.

Burnt orange / pumpkin color jeans are my #1 must have item for fall. Ive been lusting after this color jean since the end of july and shared my feelings here: I was originally planning on waiting for the jbrand 811s to be re-stocked in their ever popular "terra cotta" color, but after purchasing the same style in "riviera blue" I decided that one of that style is enough (im just not in love with the fit, though i am in love with the "riviera blue" color). Luckily my bestest friend pre-ordered two pairs of the above pictured rag&bone jean, and i was able to try them on without ordering them online, and snag her extra pair (thank you friend). These Jeans fit AMAZING. but AMAZING! I've never owned rag&bone before but they are now a new favorite.

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