Monday, August 15, 2011

Boyfriend Shirt Love


This Weekend I had a lovely intimate dinner with my family and then went around the town with my brother. It was the perfect opportunity to show off my new boyfriend shirt and the pour la victoire pumps seen before here ( & here My brother's first reaction when he saw me was "is that my shirt" of course i said 'No" this is the look i want, where he replied "you could have just borrowed one of my shirts". I thought, hmmm maybe next time i will, but i doubt it will have the same fit as mine. Thank you anyways Carlos.

chanel coin bracelet and handbag, david yurman and tiffany&co. rings, tiffany&co. key necklace.

trouve blouse, pleasure doing business skirt, pour la victoire pumps


  1. Perfect slouchy shirt... I have been searching for this!

  2. Thank you! And thanks for reading :)

  3. The Pour La Victoire pumps look great! Thanks for visiting and pointing these out. Such a pretty look you put together. You convinced me to get them! Definitely the fave of the Loafer Pumps I found: Thanks!

  4. Aw good I'm glad! You are going to love them :)


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