Friday, August 12, 2011

Three Terrific Things

I searched high and low for glee concert tickets this summer, but sadly the Glee cast did not make it's way down to Miami. I even considered flying across the country for the chance to see my favorite cast from TV on the big stage, but held back. Luckily for me the makers of Glee had the genius idea to film the concerts and back stage scenes, then combined all the footage into a 3-d documentary style movie! It's out today and i cant wait to dance and sing in the movie aisle while watching.

After lusting for these shoes for the last month, i finally bit the bullet and purchased them. They are absolutely stunning in person. Note: has free 2nd day shipping, free return shipping, and they give you a whole year to decide if you want to keep or return your shoes. Yep that's 365 days. They were also the only website i found the shoes on that had them at a discount of 20% off.

I first heard about the Bar Method from the normal place where i get all my breaking news stories...The Real Housewives, of Beverly Hills that is. The ladies would speak about what a great workout this is, and the amazing things it does for their rear ends. Ive been meaning to go take a class at my local south Miami bar method studio, but at $24 a class i just haven't. Happily to my surprise it was/still is today's gilt city deal, $50 for two weeks of unlimited classes. Yes!


  1. I am getting the bar method deal Vane!!!!! I have been dying to try it as well but I couldn't justify the price.

  2. yay thats awesome! i hope we both like it :)


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