Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arm Party

thank you @bex1one - blue rosary ropes and cross bracelet N&K designs, R charm Fendi, david yurman, white and silver small cuffs Olive and Bettes NYC, last two chain bracelets

Stacking bracelets has always been a hobby of mine. I've been collecting bracelets since high school it seems like at this point (long time ago).  So I am proud to say I think I have a pretty decent, diverse collection. Recently a blogger @manrepeller ( has put a name to this hobby, that myself and many girls I know participate in, naming it an Arm Party. Many blogs ( that I frequent have gone berserk showing off their arm parties, and even trending #armparty on twitter.  What is an arm party? How exactly do you put one together? Honestly there is no exact science or way of doing this. You just stack a bunch of different bracelets together that you want to wear or think go good together. Personally myself I seem to be drawn to oranges, browns, neutral colors with some pops of bright colors. Typical to my every day style since I love beige, taupe, browns, and anything neutral. Above and below are some photos of recent arm parties myself and my friends have put together, and some of my favorite bracelets I have to date. Of course my arm party is always growing because i just cant say no to pretty new bracelets. Some favorite places to shop for additions to my arm party are tiffany & co. (charm bracelets), saks, & neimans (david yurman), N&K designs (, the street tables of NYC, nordstroms, and recently the new Henri Bendel ( in dadeland mall. Whoever had the bright idea of opening a Henri Bendel accessories boutique so close to me I have to say thank you. Thank you for the ever present temptation to want to add new additions to my collection. This is going to be a problem I already know it.

some of my arm party from all over

close up of my absolute favorites, david yurman, black tiffany pearls, orange tory burch, brown crystal wrap nordstrom, leather beige cuff with studs and red friendship bracelet henri bendel


  1. henri bendel has so many cute ones! love

  2. Your bracelets look amazing. Totally jealz.

  3. I know Paola! I was back at bendels this weekend and got some beautiful rose gold earrings.

    Thank you Ria :) and thank you for reading!

    Follow me :)))


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