Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best I Ever Had

Disclosure: This is Food Post!

One of the big reasons I decided to start writing a blog had alot to do with food, restaurants, and going out to eat. Two of the loves of my life, and what I spend the majority of my money on, are good food and fashion, with some travel. Though traveling is more something I save up and wait for, different from food and fashion which has a much quicker satisfaction rate. I do realize that recently I have been neglecting my foodie readers and have been focusing more on fashion and tv, so this is for you. Before this blog started and even more after I started writing, I would always get the same question over and over again from many different people that I know. What is your favorite restaurant in Miami? You have to understand this question is extremely hard for me to answer. There are so many different types of cuisines and settings I like to enjoy, from Indian to Italian, to French to classic American, from indoor intimate romantic seating, to a more hipster young crowd, to outside dinning. My response is mostly always the same, what type of food do you want to eat? Are you going on a date? Or are you going with a crowd of friends? Because I would never send someone on a date to the same restaurant that I would send someone who is planning a fun birthday dinner with 20 of his/her closest friends. I have many favorite restaurants in Miami such as Michi's, Michaels, Imlee, Cafe Vialetto, Nemo's, Pascal's on Ponce, Quattro, to more simple places that never disappoint like Scully's Tavern, New Chinatown, Mykonos, Whisk, and Greenstreet.

I have one restaurant that is probably number one on my all-time favorite restaurant list. It is most definitely a classic and there is not much originality behind it. I’m sure most people in Miami have eaten there and/or heard about it, and its a chain restaurant (which I normally hate, I am NOT a fan of chain restaurants). This place never disappoints and I absolutely love it, just goes to show you can never underestimate the goodness of a classic. This restaurant is Ruth's Chris Steak House in Coral Gables. For many years this has been a restaurant of celebration and happiness for myself and my family. I’ve had many special dinners here and it’s one of the few restaurants my whole family likes and can agree to eat at (some of us are more picky than others, but I wont mention names). There are an abundance of valuable and special memories at Ruth's Chris from a dinner with my mom when her company first started to become successful, to my grandmother’s birthday, my birthdays, and even one Christmas Eve dinner. Let me just mention that I am not a big steak eater; I hardly eat steak, ever. But for those few times a year when I crave a perfectly cooked steak the place I go to is Ruth's Chris.

What do I eat at Ruth's Chris? When it comes to the entree, sides, and wine it’s always the same thing Petit Filet medium, or the blackened lobster tail. I know you must think I am crazy for ordering lobster at a steak house but I promise you it is sooooooo good. My sides are always practically the same the shoestring fries are a must! Then I get a type of vegetable ranging from creamed spinach, to sautéed mushroom, to broccoli au gratin it really just depends what I am in the mood for at that moment. I always order the Mark West Pinot Noir, even though its highly marked up, its still one of my favorite pinot noirs (next to la crema) and at this point it is customary for us to order. The hardest decision for me while ordering is deciding what to get for appetizer, because honestly I love so many of their appetizers. It’s normally a toss up between the Ruth Chris chop salad, lobster bisque, barbeque shrimp, crabtini, and seared ahi tuna. Enough options? They are all truly so good in their own way it’s hard to pick just one but I eventually do. Then comes the grand finale: dessert!!! I am not normally a sweets person. I love everything and anything salty, and I hardly ever get dessert after dinner. Ruth's Chris of course is one of the few restaurants where I make the exception. This is my "if" I ever kill anyone and I'm on death row granted one last meal pick. The bread pudding with whiskey sauce is my ultimate weakness, my FAVORITE desert of all time of any restaurant that I have ever eaten at. And if I’m about to be executed the last thing I want to eat is this. There it is my favorite restaurant in Miami. Even that sentence makes me uncomfortable let me rephrase. There it is, ONE of my favorite restaurants in Miami, because there are many and i hope to continue sharing them with you.

If you are now in the mood from some steak, because i know i am, click here to see the full Ruth's Chris full menu and website:


  1. We have a few picky eaters in the family.. me being one of them but this is def my absolute fave place as well :) petit file mignon is to die fora

  2. I've only had the privilege of going there once... with a gift card... haha. But, I agree, it's TOTALLY worth it. Whenever anyone asks us of a nice romantic yummy place, we always say Ruth's Chris. Even though we went 4 years ago, my mouth still waters at the thought!


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