Monday, August 8, 2011

Black Pearl

(no flash)
With the rainy weather and the upcoming change of season I've been really aching for darker nail polishes. Yes, I love the pale pinks, matte blues, and turquoise greens that I have been wearing all summer but I am officially over those colors. I bought Chanel's black pearl in the beginning of year (i think in February) but moving into spring and summer so fast I didn't have an opportunity to try it out. I finally had it applied for the first time over the weekend and I am really liking it. I especially love that it has a little glimmer of dark green, and over the past couple of days that green has turned into a charcoal kind of color. Just perfect for the gloomy skies.

For Purchase:


  1. i like it! I want to get their new graphite color for a wedding i have at the end of the month. Good to know the polish is good quality.

  2. I can finally respond to comments!!! I have no idea what was going on with blogger last week.

    I think the new color is piedmont. It was made after Chanel's birth stone. Did u go dark yet?


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