Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Friend Of Yours

from etsy seen at

can be found on by latchcollection for $50


similar "knock-off" (not quite as pretty)
found on for $4.80

Friendship bracelets have been all the rage recently, especially in the last couple of months. Ever since this #armparty revolution started I feel as though friendship bracelets are everywhere. I can picture myself now I'm in middle school organizer in hand, which back then was one of my most treasured possessions, spending hours making these bracelets with my friends.. We would sit literally for hours before school, in between classes, and after school threading bracelets together and making these bracelets that today can be found anywhere from as low as $4.80 on to as high as $100 and more. If only I would have stuck to my hobby, but of course with time either my hobby faded or i made new friends. Unfortunately, present day I can barely remember how I use to make the bracelets and would not even attempt do it because I know it would take a ridiculous amount of time. They also wouldn't be nearly as pretty the ones I am sharing with you all today. for $25.00

as seen here

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