Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lush Life: Most Eligible Dallas

Do you remember when the only show on Bravo was Inside Actors Studio with James Lipton? Well, I do. Then came Queer Eye for the straight guy in 2003, followed by Project Runway in 2004, and by this time I was quickly becoming hooked on everything and anything Bravo. Fast forward to 2011 and Bravo IS the ultimate television network for guilty pleasure reality TV. Everything is so bad but so good at the same time I can not help but watch. Yes I watch all the housewives, even the horrible ones Miami & DC. Yes I watched NYC prep, and Miami Social. It’s just such an escape such an easy guilty pleasure I have to embrace it. Not to mention, watching REALLY crazy people on TV always makes you feel much better about yourself, and anything going on in one's own life.

Now Bravo has given us a brand spanking new edition from its endless supply of reality TV, Most Eligible Dallas. I am automatically always intrigued by a reality show whose cast is around the same age as me, for example Courtney who is 29 years old. There are six main cast members and they range in age from 23 to 36. I saw the premiere episode last night, and for me there were some positives and some negatives, so let’s start with the positives. I already know that Courtney is probably going to become unbearably annoying by the end of the season but for now I like her. She's 29, she loves fashion, she’s a self proclaimed slave to vanity, she wont settle for just any guy - her ideal mate needs to fill a list of requirements and she must get butterflies, she’s over going to the club but she will occasionally go for a glass of champagne, she’s conservative and strongly believes in tradition. Such as following the normal expectations of life order which she lists as bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, and baby. This Courtney sounds ALOT like someone I know - ME! I couldn’t help but agree with almost everything that she was speaking about and describing in the first episode. Now for Courtney's negatives please Courtney leave Matt alone, he sucks, he really seems like the ULTIMATE douche bag, don’t give him so much importance or care so much about every new girl he brings out. You know you are better than all of them, and if he doesn’t see it he is obviously not worth any of your stressing. We got to know a little about Tara, Drew, and Matt who are all filthy rich and work in the "family" business. Though they haven’t shown them working, Tara was shown saving dogs, Drew injecting himself with female pregnancy hormones to loose weight, and Matt trying to be the extreme ladies man. I wish I could come across Matt in my every day life I would have some amazing words to share with him. He almost makes the show unbearable for me to watch, but I won’t let him ruin it. He is truly what is wrong with most men in their late 20s, and there’s nothing cute about him. There was not as much focus on Glenn, the football player, and Neill the want to be singer/actress, but I am sure that as the season progresses we will get to know much more about them. For now we know Glenn is trying to transition from his long term relationship (who will be returning later on in the season). It was also shared that Neill is new to Dallas her original home town, though she hasn't lived there in around 5 years. She's a single mom at 23, and her only friend is Matt (god help the girl). All in all I thought the show had its funny moments and I will watch of course and I will eat it up just like every other show that Bravo feeds me.


  1. TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! Courtney sounds just like me too! Normal, regular "want it all and will get it" kinda girl! So fun! yay!

  2. Thank you so much for finding me and reading :)))


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