Monday, August 22, 2011

"I'm a Huge Fan"

Friday was the release of the movie adaptation One Day, based on the book by the same title. I read the book a couple months ago and was a big fan. At the beginning of the month I entered a contest with sugar,inc. to win the opportunity to interview Anne Hathaway during press for the upcoming movie, One Day. I have always been a big fan of Anne’s, I found out she had gotten the lead to this movie while in the middle of the book, and I was so thrilled with the decision. Due to this, I decided to enter the contest on popsugar, while I was finishing the first round of trivia questions I honestly thought there was no way I would be contacted or even win. I just don’t have good luck when it comes to these things. Imagine my surprise when a couple weeks later I got contacted by a sugar,inc producer!!! I was a semi-finalist and was going to be interviewed LIVE on skype for the opportunity to meet and interview Anne. I didn’t know if to throw up or jump and down with excitement. I am notoriously shy about these things, and anything having to do with public speaking. I knew I had to suck it up and try to do the best I could in my interview for the opportunity of a life time. The LIVE skype interview started with some basic background and “tell me about yourself” questions, which was followed by yet even more trivia questions about Anne. I tried my best but these were some hard questions, even for me and I am obsessed with almost anything celebrity. Some of the questions were, What is the name of Anne's dog? What specific bureau of New York was Anne born in? Then came the really hard part, the I almost fell of my chair and quit hard part!!! I was asked to do some of Anne's favorite things live on Skype in front of popsugar producers and editors. These things were number 1, sing karaoke to any song of my choosing! Sing Karaoke!!! You don’t understand I have no rhythm, I don’t sing ever…Well maybe sometimes in my car with the windows down and the radio full blast. But no I don’t sing in the shower and you want to know why? Because I am a horrible terrible singer, but I did it. Yep, I sang Adele's rolling in deep, because at that moment it was the only song I could think of that I knew at least some of the words to. Then came probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life... I was asked to perform scenes from some of my favorite movies that starred Anne such as Princess Diaries, and the Devil wears Prada (which I said were my favorite movies of hers, because they are but that does not mean I can act out scenes from them, lol). I did it because honestly I had no other choice. When the interview was over I thought I had done a terrible job, mostly during the singing and acting parts, but I was filled with this adrenaline. I was overjoyed I had made it all the way to a semi finalist, and whether I was chosen or not, I was so happy I was just given the opportunity. It helped me deal with my shyness, break down my exterior, and open myself up.

The "I'm a huge fan" videos are now up on the website and I wanted to say a BIG congratulations to the winner Areeba! You did an amazing job, especially under all the pressure. She had to learn a Broadway show dance and song!!! You go Girl! Click on the link below to watch the first video of three. Pay close attention to the first couple of seconds you might be able to spot me - the blonde girl with the huge smile on her face :)


  1. haha! this is awesome! It's a story you'll tell forever! :)

  2. OMG, that is so cool! Too bad you didn't win, but you made it soooo close! Proud of you for being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone... I remember your singing... and I know how scary that must have been for you! LOL!

  3. Hahaha Nicole! Yes you know how bad my singing is. Thank you girls both for always reading and being supportive it means so much to me :)


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