Friday, February 19, 2010


kickball kickball kickball!!!! oh has it been too long. Tonight it begins. And by "it" i mean the complete debauchery of a bunch of 21+ miami kids. Oh kickball, does anybody even really care about the game? Well if you play in the grove league YES. A little too much, lets hope that everyone brigns the competition down a couple notches this time around and remembers that we are out there to have fun. That is probably not going to happen, since the same 8 teams have been playing in this leauge since ive been around which is around three years, and every year it gets more and more ruthless. None the less twice a year (fall & winter) the 8 grove teams sign up for around 3 months of crazy friday nights. Where you can wake up the next day not remembering anything that occured after 9pm. Not knowing where your car, your phone, your camera, your friends, or your sanity and dignity are. Kind of makes you feel like you're right back at that kegger party in college. I am for one very excited to get out there tonight see those old familiar faces and try to give the league champs a run for their title.

if you want to play (the league is always full, but hey you can try to get in) go to:

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