Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Happy Madness

Lusting. Obsessing. Wishing. Online Shopping. I love you but I hate you. Right now I currently have four active wish lists on four different sites. Its torture it really is. Nordstrom, Love21, Shopbop, and Victoria Secret. Shopbop is beyond perfection, I mean it has to be every girl's dream, or least mine. Their style, their selection of designers, their beautiful SKINNY models that EVERYTHING look good on. Their shoes, wow their shoes, someone please explain to me why no store in Miami carries the selection of shoes that shopbop carries, and trust me i have been to every, EVERY, store and nothing compares to the selection on shopbop. Exercising daily self control to not rack up my credit card bill is something I don't even want to talk about. IF only I had this dress, IF only I had these shoes. Don't judge me ( I am fully aware that I might have a little bit of a problem)! Not to mention that the daily reminders don't help, the daily emails from VS that they currently have free shipping, and $15 off an order. Come on STOP the insanity (jk i love it). Then there's the look books from shopbop, which are so perfect. Recently they had an outdoors one, I am not an outdoors person at all, but this look book makes me want to buy every plaid shirt, every oversized thick sweater, every outdoors looking boot/bootie, and every cargo pant and hit the outdoors hard. These are some of my current obsessions, in case you are interested:

Long Sleeve Dresses:

Platform Booties / Boots:

Neutral colored messenger bags:
Cargo Pants:

Dresses can be found on
First Link of Shoes on
Next two shoes on
Messenger Bag on
Cargo Pants on

Happy Shoppings to all, for now I am only window shopping aka making wish list ;)

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