Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kindle or iPad?

After many weeks of debating between the Kindle and the iPad, I have gone ahead and purchased the new generation Kindle (3rd one). At first my mind was set on the iPad, but after spending a whole week searching for one at every apple store/best buy in Miami I got a little frustrated. This product was released in what? March or April? Still the apple stores can’t keep them in stock. Because of this fact, I had some time to do plenty of online research on the kindle and the iPad. While on one of my favorite websites,, I saw that Amazon was going to be releasing a new kindle. Now, I understand that they are completely different, and the kindle is as other blogs call it “a one trick pony”, but i mostly wanted the device for the “one trick” that the kindle does extremely well. I recently just completed the girl with the dragon tattoo and the whole time while reading I kept thinking how much better it would be if I was reading on an ereader. I wouldn’t have to deal with the annoying flap of the book, for starters. On a side note: if you haven’t read the trilogy start now!!!! You will thank me later when the first one makes it US premiere in December 2011. Back to the kindle vs. ipad debate. For me with all the research that I did, which was a lot of research and with some convincing arguments from my boyfriend and an online buddy of mine, I decided that the kindle at the present time fits my needs the best. The iPad is still highly coveted in my eyes and I still desperately want one, but I am going to wait until all the improvements are made. #1 it seriously needs a camera and with the technology that apple has the fact that they released the 1st generation without one honestly kind of really pisses me off. Come on apple!!!! You know the next one is going to have one, and I have a feeling its coming out real soon. But I’m curious what would you have decide on? The new lighter improved 3rd generation Kindle or the needs many improvements 1st generation iPad?

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  1. Get the has a lot of features as the iPad, but it's a better reader whereas the the iPad is more for browsing. In the kindle, you can't open epub files, pdf's nor browse internet. In the nook you can do all these things. But if you do purchase it, make sure you get the anti-glare screen for it. It's like $230 I think...Anyways, that's just my two cents :)


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